Friday, July 26, 2013

cover art

yes, the cover is a little risque, but i love it!  and the story was a-ma-zing!  totally worth the anticipation i had waiting for this book to get here.  it's really a novella, just 100 pages, w/ a fun "interview" afterward.  i know i've talked about why i don't like short stories before, but i keep giving them a chance if i feel really intrigued (like w/ this one) or it's a known/beloved author.  and the reason i do this is because sometimes i find gems like this, favorite stories, stories that don't fall into the frightful short story trap.  writing a well-rounded, enjoyable short story that doesn't make me feel disappointed is cause for celebration.

also, as previously mentioned, i have rather suddenly developed a tendre for tats & piercings.  i'm not sure if this is an off-shoot of my developing more of a taste for hard rock (thus, tattooed hard rockers, such as the gentlemen in shinedown & FFDP)?  i mean, i've always liked certain guys who have had tattoos, but generally not because they have them, and i generally wasn't on the look-out for guys w/ tats/piercings.  now, however... well, i'm just boy crazy anyway.  LOL  

that could also contribute to my love of this other brilliant cover (and i highly enjoyed the story, as well):

*swoon*  i like the colors on that one, especially.  : )  

and then, just recently there was the cover for Take Care, Sara, which i just adored, as well.  (AND there's not even a hot, tat'd guy on this cover, so that's not the only thing i look for!  LOL)

anywhoo!  ; )  

when you're looking for new books to read, do you fall in love w/ covers before or after the story?  do you pick up books on the regular based on the covers?  (i don't - the majority of books i pick out are based on known authors or the description of the story.  the covers are just a bonus before i've read the book!)

in other news...

- this week has been so odd.  

- i'm loving the bridgertons, and the last book is my next book, On The Way To The Wedding.  last night i stayed up til 1 finishing It's In His Kiss - i was going to bed at 10:30 & then i said, "oh, one more chapter to get me to 11," and before i knew it i couldn't put it down again!  plus, i really, realllllly wanted to read Hearts in Darkness today!!  :)  

- BB shocker.  *eyeroll*  on the one hand, it could be great strategy to keep aaryn in the house because who is going to lose against her?  except maybe jessie, but if jessie makes it to final 2, then she has to have SOME sort of game going on!  but on the other hand, i really, truly feel like aaryn needs to go, and once she's out in the real world, she needs to take a long, hard look at the way she treats ppl.  not black/asian ppl.  just PEOPLE.  she's super mean, but she doesn't think she's being super mean, and that is super dangerous.  imo, anyway.  

- i feel like there was a lot i wanted to write yesterday, but i didn't get a chance to, and it slipped right through my brain-fingers!  

- oh, i did finally get to hang out w/ trish (& al) for dinner last night.  summer is always SO BUSY - i think it had been almost a month since we'd hung out!!  

- tonight i'm gonna go over to mom's to hang out w/ leyton for a bit.  tomorrow i think he's coming bowling w/ me, juli & her fam.  sarah's birthday is today (she & stephen are both 10 this year!!), so i need to pick up her gift, too.  was supposed to do that yesterday at target.  d'oh!

- OH!!!  i bought tickets to the carnival of madness tour concert for cedar rapids in august!!  *bounce*  
we as human
(eh, okay, i'm sure they'll be great, but...i'm excited about...)
papa roach
*snoopy dance*
: ) 

- my starbucks addiction continues
target starbucks dude may have given me a new favored drink by accidentally adding a pump of mocha to my coffee light frappucino!  *laugh*  

time to get started on gregory's story before heading over to mom's.

ttfn!  :) 

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