Monday, July 29, 2013


today is a day for C O F F E E!  seriously.  i had mcdonald's coffee this morning, a hazelnut latte from bux after my doctor's appointment, which of course netted me a treat receipt, so i had to go back after work for a mocha lite frapp, and then after dinner i stopped at caribou coffee for an iced bit of more nectar.

i know i'm obsessed, but i don't normally have THIS much in one day!  *laugh*  

so, it has been a pretty blessed monday.  my dreams were rather story-like & interesting (and one featured mccrae from BB, which was a little odd.  if i was going to dream about a BB-ite, you would think it would be judd or nick... LOL).  work was quite productive & fun, even if we did have an hour & a half meeting right before i had to leave for my appt.  

dr appt - i was quite nervous about this one.  first trip to the dermatologist, because i had a couple moles on my arm i was concerned about.  with my anxiety issues, new dr's are not really what i would call fun, but i have a couple aunts who go to this dr & so i knew she was good ppl.  ya know?  still... i couldn't get through all of my anxiety, but she made me feel very comfortable & was very nice & stuff.  AND the moles i was concerned about she said were fine, so WHEW, PTL for that.  i've always been moley & freckley, and until dad passed away from melanoma, i never really ... well, i mean of course i thought about them, because ppl made fun of the one on my chin.  but i never really thought about them as being something other than a nuisance. *sigh*  idk how to explain.  anyway, i know i need to make the dermatologist one of my regular doctors now, and they are more a cause for anxiety than they were before.  so, just keep me in prayer for that, if you would please & thank you!

anyway, the dr visit went well, then coffee, then lunch, then back to work.  oh, also, while i waited in the office - reading time!  :)  highland barbarian is very good!  : )  

the afternoon went quickly w/ timecard stuff.  i didn't get to my vacations, but they'll be ready for me when i get in tomorrow.  heh.  

after work, as i said, more bux, but i had to stop at target anyway for cat food.  picked up a salad for lunch tomorrow, as well.  came home to read & catch up on blogs, and then headed out to the world's largest truckstop to meet my friend kris for dinner.  good visit & i had a hawaiian skillet which was pretty good, as well.  *laugh*  oh, and extra crispy bacon.  who can resist?!  

after dinner, i had an unexpected detour, as i apparently thought i was going to iowa city instead of home.  d'oh!  *laugh*  it only added a few minutes to my drive, tho, AND they were playing kick ass music, so i did not mind AT ALL!  : )  

now, sipping my coffee & catching y'all up on my day & then back to my barbarian.  *laugh*


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