Wednesday, July 31, 2013

pasta la vista, baby!

that's what i had for dinner last night & lunch today.  basil chicken penne from fazoli's.  yummy!  : )  i wanted olive garden, but didn't want to mess w/ getting out of the car to pick it up (i know, lazy, but sometimes that's just the way it goes!) & then i remembered fazoli's!  woot!  drive thru!  *laugh*

today was a pretty good day, except i was running 1/2 an hour late & so had to stay 1/2 an hour late & golly but that last 1/2 hour, which turned into an hour, is so hard some days!  heh.  also, i had to talk to one of my favorite non-work ppl who is also one of my least favorite work ppl about a work thing & they always misunderstand what i'm trying to say & then talk in circles & then i get frustrated because they never actually answer my question - or, as with today, they answer it & it's what i was saying in the first place but they spent the whole conversation arguing w/ what they THOUGHT i was saying & ... ugh!  it just frustrates me!

*sigh*  anyway, other than that, good day.  hazelnut macchiato after work, and then As Twilight Falls, which i am REALLY SUPER ENJOYING!!!  then i headed to mom's.  stopped at mcd's for me & the boy, and forgot about the fair, which takes place right across from mcdonald's (which, idk how i forgot about it - we have been talking about it a lot at work!!) & it just makes traffic a bear!  but i made it to mom's & got to see the kid:

and watch some BB & tweet.  altho i wasn't paying as much attention to the tweeting cuz i was paying attention to leyton!  lol  and also he was being a bit whiny, and mom was tired & getting growly & ... i hate how she gets this tone in her voice & idk why she hasn't figured out that it DOESN'T WORK for anyone.  it didn't work w/ me, or phil, and it doesn't work w/ leyton, and it just makes everyone feel bad & she just doesn't get it.  oye.  leyton was being a pill, and i totally get that she was upset, but ... idk.  i'm just super sensitive to tone, ya know?  

so, yeah.  

she decided she doesn't want to go to chicago next weekend, so i'm kinda undecided.  i really want to hit up Lush & H2O & Garrett's & Sprinkle's ... but i don't really want to mess w/ driving down town by myself, so... i'll probably just take a day of vacation & hang around here.  then, we are planning to go to chicago w/ the boys over labor day weekend, so i can maybe convince them we need to go downtown for an hour or two & i can get everything i want.  LOL  

i saw two of the missionaries walking while i was coming home & i wanted to offer them a ride, but i didn't have the thought til i was already almost past them, and i didn't want to stop in the middle of the road.  so, i hope they made it wherever they were going safely!!  it's getting dark... 

and, i think that's all i have for today!  back to my book!  :)  


Monday, July 29, 2013


today is a day for C O F F E E!  seriously.  i had mcdonald's coffee this morning, a hazelnut latte from bux after my doctor's appointment, which of course netted me a treat receipt, so i had to go back after work for a mocha lite frapp, and then after dinner i stopped at caribou coffee for an iced bit of more nectar.

i know i'm obsessed, but i don't normally have THIS much in one day!  *laugh*  

so, it has been a pretty blessed monday.  my dreams were rather story-like & interesting (and one featured mccrae from BB, which was a little odd.  if i was going to dream about a BB-ite, you would think it would be judd or nick... LOL).  work was quite productive & fun, even if we did have an hour & a half meeting right before i had to leave for my appt.  

dr appt - i was quite nervous about this one.  first trip to the dermatologist, because i had a couple moles on my arm i was concerned about.  with my anxiety issues, new dr's are not really what i would call fun, but i have a couple aunts who go to this dr & so i knew she was good ppl.  ya know?  still... i couldn't get through all of my anxiety, but she made me feel very comfortable & was very nice & stuff.  AND the moles i was concerned about she said were fine, so WHEW, PTL for that.  i've always been moley & freckley, and until dad passed away from melanoma, i never really ... well, i mean of course i thought about them, because ppl made fun of the one on my chin.  but i never really thought about them as being something other than a nuisance. *sigh*  idk how to explain.  anyway, i know i need to make the dermatologist one of my regular doctors now, and they are more a cause for anxiety than they were before.  so, just keep me in prayer for that, if you would please & thank you!

anyway, the dr visit went well, then coffee, then lunch, then back to work.  oh, also, while i waited in the office - reading time!  :)  highland barbarian is very good!  : )  

the afternoon went quickly w/ timecard stuff.  i didn't get to my vacations, but they'll be ready for me when i get in tomorrow.  heh.  

after work, as i said, more bux, but i had to stop at target anyway for cat food.  picked up a salad for lunch tomorrow, as well.  came home to read & catch up on blogs, and then headed out to the world's largest truckstop to meet my friend kris for dinner.  good visit & i had a hawaiian skillet which was pretty good, as well.  *laugh*  oh, and extra crispy bacon.  who can resist?!  

after dinner, i had an unexpected detour, as i apparently thought i was going to iowa city instead of home.  d'oh!  *laugh*  it only added a few minutes to my drive, tho, AND they were playing kick ass music, so i did not mind AT ALL!  : )  

now, sipping my coffee & catching y'all up on my day & then back to my barbarian.  *laugh*


Saturday, July 27, 2013


today, leyton & i met juli, sarah, andrew & ruthie at a park for lunch & play.  : ) we had a blast!!  

it was nice to just hang out & the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  i was a little worried it would rain, but thankfully it was just gorgeously cloudy & cool & breezy.  : ) love this kinda weather!  especially for being outside!  heh.  

after the park, leyton & i headed to sonic for sodas & the book rack for some books (found a couple i was looking for but not all of them, of course!  and leyton got a book about dogs, which was really nice!) & then popcorn charlie's.  oh, how i love that place, and hadn't been in too long!  i got a lovely cheese/caramel mix.  leyton got his tin filled w/ cotton candy.  popcorn, not the fluffy kind.  LOL

now i'm home to read & relax & eat some of the delicious popcorn!  it was a very, very blessed day.  : ) 

hope you're having a wonderful saturday, as well!


Friday, July 26, 2013

cover art

yes, the cover is a little risque, but i love it!  and the story was a-ma-zing!  totally worth the anticipation i had waiting for this book to get here.  it's really a novella, just 100 pages, w/ a fun "interview" afterward.  i know i've talked about why i don't like short stories before, but i keep giving them a chance if i feel really intrigued (like w/ this one) or it's a known/beloved author.  and the reason i do this is because sometimes i find gems like this, favorite stories, stories that don't fall into the frightful short story trap.  writing a well-rounded, enjoyable short story that doesn't make me feel disappointed is cause for celebration.

also, as previously mentioned, i have rather suddenly developed a tendre for tats & piercings.  i'm not sure if this is an off-shoot of my developing more of a taste for hard rock (thus, tattooed hard rockers, such as the gentlemen in shinedown & FFDP)?  i mean, i've always liked certain guys who have had tattoos, but generally not because they have them, and i generally wasn't on the look-out for guys w/ tats/piercings.  now, however... well, i'm just boy crazy anyway.  LOL  

that could also contribute to my love of this other brilliant cover (and i highly enjoyed the story, as well):

*swoon*  i like the colors on that one, especially.  : )  

and then, just recently there was the cover for Take Care, Sara, which i just adored, as well.  (AND there's not even a hot, tat'd guy on this cover, so that's not the only thing i look for!  LOL)

anywhoo!  ; )  

when you're looking for new books to read, do you fall in love w/ covers before or after the story?  do you pick up books on the regular based on the covers?  (i don't - the majority of books i pick out are based on known authors or the description of the story.  the covers are just a bonus before i've read the book!)

in other news...

- this week has been so odd.  

- i'm loving the bridgertons, and the last book is my next book, On The Way To The Wedding.  last night i stayed up til 1 finishing It's In His Kiss - i was going to bed at 10:30 & then i said, "oh, one more chapter to get me to 11," and before i knew it i couldn't put it down again!  plus, i really, realllllly wanted to read Hearts in Darkness today!!  :)  

- BB shocker.  *eyeroll*  on the one hand, it could be great strategy to keep aaryn in the house because who is going to lose against her?  except maybe jessie, but if jessie makes it to final 2, then she has to have SOME sort of game going on!  but on the other hand, i really, truly feel like aaryn needs to go, and once she's out in the real world, she needs to take a long, hard look at the way she treats ppl.  not black/asian ppl.  just PEOPLE.  she's super mean, but she doesn't think she's being super mean, and that is super dangerous.  imo, anyway.  

- i feel like there was a lot i wanted to write yesterday, but i didn't get a chance to, and it slipped right through my brain-fingers!  

- oh, i did finally get to hang out w/ trish (& al) for dinner last night.  summer is always SO BUSY - i think it had been almost a month since we'd hung out!!  

- tonight i'm gonna go over to mom's to hang out w/ leyton for a bit.  tomorrow i think he's coming bowling w/ me, juli & her fam.  sarah's birthday is today (she & stephen are both 10 this year!!), so i need to pick up her gift, too.  was supposed to do that yesterday at target.  d'oh!

- OH!!!  i bought tickets to the carnival of madness tour concert for cedar rapids in august!!  *bounce*  
we as human
(eh, okay, i'm sure they'll be great, but...i'm excited about...)
papa roach
*snoopy dance*
: ) 

- my starbucks addiction continues
target starbucks dude may have given me a new favored drink by accidentally adding a pump of mocha to my coffee light frappucino!  *laugh*  

time to get started on gregory's story before heading over to mom's.

ttfn!  :) 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

zippy (with pictures!)

it's just a nonsense title this time.

i'm home from mason city!  it was a super fun fabulous trip & i'm so thankful that leyton likes to go on trips w/ me!  i actually woke up before him this morning, so i was able to get all showered & ready to go before getting him up.  hooray!  we did have to rush around a bit - and i forgot to give him his "get the chlorine our of his hair" bath before we left.  sorry!  i opened up the curtain before we headed out & we were greeted by the site of police cars, an ambulance & firetruck in a parking lot across the way.  

when we got downstairs to check out, the ppl in the laundry room were talking about a dead body (thanks a lot, guys, for checking to see if there were any, oh, idk, say, CHILDREN w/in hearing distance when you were talking about that!  ugh!) & then a lady came up w/ her daughter & said she'd been exercising her dog about an hour earlier & nothing had been out there, so she went to talk to the cops to give them a timeline.

oye!  (turns out apparently a worker at a restaurant across the way had died - no foul play suspected, thankfully!)(oh, and leyton assured me he'd seen a dead body under a sheet on TV before & wasn't traumatized...oye again!  LOL)(not that i think he was traumatized at all - he's a very intelligent & fairly practical child, but STILL not the kind of thing you really want the hotel staff discussing in front of guests, ya know?)

anywhoo!  we met sarah & her mom & the kids at mickey d's for breakfast & had lots of fun & lots of picture time!!  :)  

omh, i just discovered i can pick photos directly from my phone!!!  it is truly all sync'd up!  PTL!!!  : )   

after breakfast, leyton & i had a really nice drive home!  we stopped at several rest areas & then at chili's for lunch, and in whatever town we were in they had a drivethru caribou coffee, and it was yummy!!  

we hung out at mom's for a bit, then i came home to read (and i was supposed to do laundry, but that did not happen) & then i went back to mom's for big brother.  and more playing w/ leyton.  LOL

i finished An Offer From A Gentleman & good gravy the book made me cry, but HAPPY tears & gosh JQ knows how to wrench the heart right out of your chest via your throat!  next on the list is Romancing Mr Bridgerton, which i've been anticipating!!  : )  

oh!  finally got an email from amazon that my books have shipped, so i should have them SOON!  i will be taking a break from the bridgertons as soon as that package arrives because i - may have mentioned - want to read Hearts in Darkness!!!!!!  squeeee!  :)  

okay, but i really should go to bed.  soonish.  ; )   back to work tomorrow & since i took all of friday off, my email could be a potential tangle... i'm hoping for a busy day so it goes fast because i'll want to get right back to my book...  *nerd*  *happy nerd*  : )  

how'd your weekend go??  ttfn!  

Friday, July 19, 2013

vacation - MC

happy friday, party peeps!  : )  leyton & i are in mason city, iowa, at a lovely super 8 hotel.  leyton is supposed to be asleep, but he keeps popping up with random questions to stall sleepy time.  *laugh* 

i had a nice morning off - finished The Viscount Who Loved Me (anthony made up for being mean, and the last quarter of the book was SUPER GOOD!  i started book 3, An Offer From A Gentleman, which so far is sad, but likable.  

cleaned out the car & stuff & then went to starbucks & then picked leyton up.  chatted w/ anthony a bit & wished him a happy early bday (it's tomorrow) & then we were off!  stopped at wendy's since leyton didn't eat lunch for some reason.  goofy kid.  the trip went well - we did make some stops!  i-80 truck stop, gas stations, rest areas, wherever leyton wanted to stop.  we weren't in any hurry!  and it was nice to meander.  altho leyton didn't quite get the concept that if we had 2 1/2 hours to go, and we stopped somewhere for 1/2 an hour, once we were back on the road we still had 2 1/2 hours to go.  *laugh*  

when we got to town, we stopped at target for some snacks & stuff, played some catch, jumped on the bed... *laugh*  no swimming, but hopefully we'll get to do some of that tomorrow.  well, leyton will.  i'll be there to take pictures.  LOL  speaking of, i'll update w/ pictures later!  : )  


Thursday, July 18, 2013

hodgey podgey

5:30AM wake up
610AM Starbucks
6:15AM cute Starbucks boy (and kind)
6:30AM work
work work work
phone calls
10:30AM meeting - good times! discussed timecards & the praise email / survey comment i received.  nice!!
12PM lunch - was pretty hungry at this point!  
was supposed to have lunch w/ a friend, but she had some car trouble, so no go.
2PM vacation phone call.  this dude was HILARIOUS!  he had me laughing so hard, talking about how he took vacation to walk part of the Appalachian Trail, and lost so much weight, and then came back home & found it again.  and had to buy new pants.  idk even know if i could do the conversation justice, but he made my afternoon!  : )
3PM Treat Receipt!!
coffee light frapp & a cake pop.  

ahhh.  end of the day when you have vacation the next day is somehow super sweet.  :)  

i got some stuff done in prep for my trip & had to cancel dinner w/ jess to get it all taken care of (and then didn't even manage to do a couple things, so i'll have to do them tomorrow, but at least there's LESS to do tomorrow?!)
so, i picked up steak & spinach salad from applebee's & then went ahead over to mom's.
seriously hilarious tweets, AND Amy Crewes re-tweeted me!  : )  she & marcellas were my favorite houseguests of their season.  and they are still two of my favorite ppl!

reading The Viscount Who Loved Me.
oh my heck.
anthony bridgerton is MEAN and he has made me cry twice now & he has some work to do to redeem himself in my eyes.  he took the first step by apologizing, but he's still determined to do some things that are just awful & i want to smack him.
aside from that - or maybe it's a credit to julia quinn's writing - i'm enjoying the unfolding of the story.  

speaking of stories - when will my amazon order get here?!?!?!  i want to read Hearts in Darkness so bad!!!  agh!  (okay, so amazon says delivery could be monday or sometime next week, but yeesh!  come on already!!!)

  gonna curl up w/ anthony & kate now.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


- sometimes i complain about the craziness that is timecards.  however, i find that timecards are my favorite part of my job.  i think it might be BECAUSE of the craziness... 

- it's still flippin HOT and HUMID!  go away!  bring back cooler temps.  i'm not saying i'm ready for snow & ice & all that, but just would like to go outside & not feel like i'm melting.  please?  : ) 

- finished Highland Sinner.  it was good - i liked the dark aspect of the villain.  and there were several twists that didn't have to do w/ the hero/heroine relationship that i enjoyed as well.  

- went to the book rack after work.  these things happened:
- cute bookstore boy was there
- cute bookstore boy winked at me
- some dude who liked the sound of his own voice & also did a really good impression of popeye took up all my flirting time (by talking to cute bookstore boy and everyone else, not by bothering me)(my description of him sounds a little snarky, but i don't mean it to.  just don't know how else to describe him!)
- i found the 2nd bridgerton book, and the 8th, and one of the hannah howell/lynsay sands anthologies on my list
- cute bookstore boy is a fan of cedar point, which is proof that he has good taste in amusement parks if nothing else!
- did i mention the wink?  LOL  ; ) 

- got some starbucks & brough an iced coffee over to bret.  : )  i'm a good cousin-sister!

- stopped at the gas station on my way to mom's.  tattooed guy in front of me & i had a nice discussion about the merits of air conditioning in this melting heat.  heh.  

mmm...tattoos...  : ) 

- went to mom's to watch BB.  a lot of comments in the twitterverse are quite negative concerning all the showmances this season, but i am really quite enjoying them!  i don't necessarily like all the pairings, but they are making the show verrrry interesting to me!

- unexpected LEYTON time!  : ) 

- set up dinners w/ my friend kris for next week & my friend jess for tomorrow.  woot!

- texted "woot!" to mom in response to her text that leyton was spending the night tonight, and she replied, "??woot??"  this amused me.  (i explained it was like "yay!" when i got there.)  

- i think i'm going to take the whole day off on friday instead of 1/2 a day.  i don't think i have any meetings scheduled...

-ummm... and i think that's it.  couple more chapters & i'm off to bed!  

how was your wednesday?  oh!  speaking of wednesday - LOL  one of our directors emailed me a question about something & we ended up having a discussion about the geico camel commercial.  when he saw me later, he came over & was like, "what day is it, carrie?  what day is it?"  ROTFL it was funny.  also, if you haven't seen that commercial, please you tube it now.  : ) 


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i wish i was thinking of something sticky & fun - like sex or cotton candy or something.

but no.  it's so dang humid out, i am sitting in my nice, ac'd home & the air is still thick!  :(  the sun is just going down, so hopefully my little abode will be able to cool down to the proper 68 degrees by bedtime!  and it's supposed to be like this all farden week?!  *grumble*  humid hotness makes me cranky, unless i'm in a greenhouse or some other tropical setting where there are misting fans and the like.

*sigh*  anyway.  went to the book rack after work to find the 2nd Bridgerton book - but they didn't have it! whaaat?  *laugh*  i had a feeling i should go to the IL store, but i didn't want to go to both, and i also needed to go to target, so i just went to the IA store.  i'll check out the IL store tomorrow after work & hopefully it will be there.  otherwise,, i guess!  or i could check out BAM first.  my books that i ordered from amazon last week haven't even shipped yet, which kinda annoys me.  i want ENTHRALLED!  oye.  oh, and Hearts in Darkness because i'm jonesing for some of laura kaye's writing.  and Hard As It Gets doesn't come out til december.  so.  rah.  right now, it's Highland Sinner - kinda a different story & such for hannah howell, or at least it seems different than her others.  there's a dark aspect to this storyline & she's written it really well!  

anyway.  back to my book.  i'm too sticky to concentrate on what i wanted to share - oh, except for a couple things i just thought of...

- david beckham was in a dream the other night.  apparently i am suddenly REALLY attracted to tats.  nice.  
- got to chat w/ a guy w/ a super awesome voice & fun sense of humor & delicious laugh on the phone today.  voice crush!  *laugh*  
- i sort of want a chocolate shake from whitey's.  maybe i'll stop by there tomorrow.  my problem is - i only want a little shake, and i think even their small size is too much.  and i don't want to waste the ice cream.  eh. idk.  i'll probably just go to the bux.  treat receipts are back!!  : )  

'k.  back to my book!  ttfn!
what's the weather like where you are?  

Saturday, July 13, 2013


cory monteith died today.  apparently he had some drug issues.  :(  he always seemed like a good guy, and it shocked me to see that news - both that he had drug issues & that he's now gone from this earth.  :(  

weddings and anxiety

today my cousin bub (bradley) married his best friend, alexandrea (alex).  it was a beautiful & joyous occasion.  i mean joyous as in "filled with joy."  FILLED.  there was so much bliss and laughter - laughter!  during the ceremony! - and worship.  God is truly in this marriage, and the wedding was amazing.  alex's dress was tasteful and simple and yet sparkly & elegant.  : )  

and ever since 27 Dresses, i look at the groom, when everyone else is looking at the bride.  jane & kevin are talking & she asks him about his favorite... well, let me see if i can find the quote:

Jane: There's gotta be one thing about weddings that you like.
Kevin: Open bar.
Jane: No.
Kevin[thinks for a moment] All right. So when the bride comes in and she makes her giant, grand entrance, I like to glance back at the poor bastard getting married. 'Cause even though Ithink he's an idiot for willingly entering into the last legal form of slavery... I don't know, he always looks really, really happy. And, for some reason, I... [notices Jane giving him a weird look] What the hell are you looking at me like that for?

*swoon*  ever since that line, i've been to a few weddings, and i always look at the groom.  the look on bradley's face as he saw alex in her dress for the first time, coming down the aisle to be HIS BRIDE... *sigh*  i pray for a love like that some day, but even if it's not in the cards for me - and at this point, let's face facts, it is not looking likely! - it makes me happy to know true love exists.  even outside of my books!  ; )  

this.  this is the look i'm talking about...

*swoon* again!  

after the wedding, mom & i picked up bret to go to the reception.  beautiful venue for that!  older building w/ brick interior walls... mmm!  :)  reception was to start at like 5.  the wedding party was running late (pictures), so they went ahead & fed us.  good thing, too!  there were a lot of ppl at the reception, which is awesome, but ... not so much for me & my anxiety.   

but happy stuff.  got to see family & give hugs & get hugs & eat passably tasty food & visit w/ more family.  but after an hour & a half & the bride & groom hadn't arrived, i was ready to go.  i was done w/ the ppl.  i was done w/ the romance.  i was done w/ ... i was just done.  i was okay as long as i was distracted (sharing bret's beer, cuz i didn't want to drink a whole one.  LOL  talking w/ boo & nate - gosh i just love those two so much! - & mandi & mikey & ... well, okay, i love them all, my amazing family.  :) ).  but i'd already slipped into pull-inside-myself/stare-into-space/don't-touch-me mode & had been there for half an hour by the time bub & alex arrived.  so, i gave them squeezes & told them how beautiful & fun & funny the wedding was, and then i took my leave.  

mom nearly got us killed on the bridge.

God is good & saved us, and her car, w/o a scratch.  oye!  her car is a roller skate, and i did not want to be pinged against the bridge.  again.  *shudder*  it was scary enough the last time, in dad's boat of a car!!     

anyway!!  it was nice to be home & reading.  i finished The Duke and I (Julia Quinn) & it brought me to tears, party because - oddly? - some of the lines in the book were similar to vows spoken this afternoon.  that was a bit neat!  *laugh*  

now i'm torn - i have the whole Bridgerton series except for book 2.  so, do i skip it for now & read book 3, or start something else & go to the bookstore tomorrow to get book 2?  hmmm.  or do i just go to bed & figure it out tomorrow?  later today, really... it's 1:15AM!  well, idk yet what i'll do.

but ttfn!  : )  

Thursday, July 11, 2013


just finished - Sleeping with the Entity
just starting - The Entity Within

i wasn't sure at first if i liked Cat Devon's writing style with the first book.  it seemed a little ... well, a little bit how i write.  it felt conversational, which is what i enjoy reading in blogs & whatnot, but i very rarely see it used in the books i read.  it only took me a couple chapters to get into the swing of things & then suddenly, i was LOVING it!  the conversational tone made me feel like i was reading about something that was really happening - which, since this is a book about a vampire community is saying something.  vampires are firmly in that fantasy setting.  but i really enjoyed the dialogue & tone, and the story was quite wonderful!  

the story also made me crave cupcakes and vampires.  *laugh*  

so, other than the story, today was odd.  had to take bret to an appointment, so i took a few hours of vacation.  actually got up around the time i normally do - i guess 1/2 an hour later.  stopped at the bux & then picked bret up.  took him to his appointment & then came home to read for 1/2 an hour or so til he called that he was done.  that was faster than i'd expected, but it worked out perfectly!  i got to work about 15 minutes before a meeting i'd forgotten about!  *laugh*  the meeting went well - we have a cute boy on our activities committee who i really enjoy.  i would like to get to know him better, but i don't see him a lot, and i already know he's only here for a short time (he's doing a development program rotation thingy - idk the details, but i know it means he's not sticking around in my building for very long!).  so, much as with mr crushtastic, i just enjoy it when i get to see him & try not to spill things on myself.  LOL  

the rest of the day was busy (email!  timecards!) but i was just DONE with the day after lunch.  heh.  it's so hard to focus when your brain says it's done.  ya know?  i made it through, thankfully, and then on the way home FFDP's Lift Me Up was played & i really can't wait for the new album to come out!  : )  

nicki had to reschedule dinner tonight, so my plan had been to head over to mom's to hang out w/ her & leyton after work, but they ended up going to the zoo, so i just came home & finished my book.  i'll head over there in a bit to watch some big brother.  and hopefully leyton will be over there this weekend so we can hang out!  altho, we are taking that trip to mason next weekend, so we'll have auntie-nephew time then.  : )  hooray!  (this also has reminded me i need to make the reservation for the hotel...)

happy tomorrow is friday, looking forward to bub & alex's wedding on saturday, and being home to veg on sunday.  

i am still working on my menu post from porkapalooza, so hopefully i'll be able to get that up this weekend, as well!  

ttfn!  : )  

Monday, July 8, 2013

vacation: the aftermath

sooo... i stayed up til two reading last night, because i knew i could sleep in.  heh.  

i got up at 9-ish & was able to read for an hour or so before heading out to get gas & coffee before work.

arrived at work to discover - 657 emails in one box; 20 in another; over 1000 in the third.  *shocky face*

happily, once i deleted the timecard help desk ticket notifications (which they send out every hour, and i had 8 tickets in my queue), that number in the first mailbox was reduced to 43,  whew!  and all but 10 or so of the 1000 could be marked as read & moved to a folder.  no action needed there.  which made the number of emails i needed to work on/respond to during my 4 hour day only about 73, initially.  that's all i did all day!  *laugh*  

and it really was a pretty good day.  some of the issues were rather time consuming, but mostly i got thru everything quickly.  : ) 

after work, i visited starbucks & then came home to finish The Perfect Wife, read some blogs, enter a contest or two, work on which books i'm ordering from amazon next, deflect the devil's minion at my door (mediacom.  they are the devil, and when their minions come knocking at my door, uninvited, i feel no guilt in telling them that mediacom is the devil & will not be getting my business ever again.  i also make sure to tell them i'm sure they're perfectly nice ppl & don't hold it against them that they work for the face of evil.  LOL)... i decided on Once Upon A Tower by Eloisa James as my next book.  so far i like it, but i'm a little impatient.  i apparently spoiled myself with one too many books of the hero & heroine being together & the story being more about them facing a problem TOGETHER than the problem being their getting together... 

anyway!  i left a little later than i'd wanted, but made it to becca's just before 5:30 & we headed over to Porkapalooza!  : )  i'll write up a post about it on the menu blog tomorrow, with pictures.  once again we ended up at the F U N table!  : )  so happy to sit w/ friendly, FUNNY ppl!  i mean, really funny, dry senses of humor; one guy was the president of one of our hospitals & he was hilarious!!  another had some great one-liners going on!  loved it!  and the food was yummy!  : )  

we left before the judging, because i had car lag (like jet lag, only from driving!  LOL) & really we are just there for the party & the food.  *laugh*  i asked nicki to text me the winners later.  : )  

now, i really need to get to bed.  it's nearly 11 & i can't stay up til 2 again & really i'm ready to flop over but i want to read more & ... must force myself to put the book and computer down... heh.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

vacation: the party & travel home

i ended up not leaving for lunch & just reading til it was time to leave for the party.

the party was fun!  i did not skate, tho.  i got snuggle time w/ baby andrew while everyone else was occupied, and that was quite a delight for me!!  he's such a happy baby!  there was pizza at the party, and it was rather good for cheese pizza.  : )  but i ate one piece too many & then i felt blah later, so i fetched a salad from target.  turned out to be a really good salad - romaine, goat cheese, strawberries & blueberries & a poppyseed dressing.  oh, and chicken.  heh.  

kathryn received lots of nice gifts & she really enjoyed opening them!!

the venue wasn't crowded by any means, but with like 20 ppl in kathryn's party, there were a lot of ppl about!  after a couple hours, my ppl meter was getting in the red, so i took my leave.  i needed socks, which is how i ended up at target.  i also thought maybe i could find Enthralled.  no dice.  gonna have to give in & order it from amazon, i think.  I WANT THAT BOOK!  i did find the second Entity book by Cat Devon, tho, so that was cool.  i finished If He's Tempted before bed - very good!  ironically, both It Happened One Midnight and If He's Tempted featured rescued children & both authors did an AMAZING job with that storyline!  i started Lynsay's The Perfect Wife & am so far enjoying it.  of course, i love lynsay's style.  : )  

today i slept til about 9:30 - it was hard to get up this morning!  last day of vacation blues.  LOL  i got dressed & packed up, cleaned up the hotel room to make sure i had everything - the usual, then settled in to read for an hour or so before leaving.  all of a sudden there was a BANGING at my door!  i was like, WTH?  i thought it was at the neighbor's door, but then it kept happening & i recognized it was at my door.  i swung back the curtains to see a kid about anthony's age.  i opened the door & said, "hello.  that was rather rude."  he was super embarrassed & polite after the fact - wrong room, obviously!  i sent him on his way w/ a chuckle & a "that's okay/no worries" cuz i didn't want him to feel bad!  *laugh*  

i went back to reading for a bit & then headed out.  i stopped at the front desk for some take-home cookies & went to joy's parents' house to wish her mom a happy birthday & visit for awhile.  :)  i love her family!  

then it was time to hit the road, but i needed some lunch, so i stopped at the BK.  they have yummy iced coffee, btw.  : )  the trip home was nice for the most part.  there were a couple illinois drivers along the way who were trying to get themselves or others killed, but thank God He kept everyone safe!!  

got into town around 5:30 & decided i wanted another lovely salad for dinner, so i stopped in at target.  got some bux, also.  :)  then headed to mom's to watch BB - they finally addressed some of the racist remarks that have been happening this season.  oye.  

got home about 8:30 & angel seemed a little pissed at me - she pooped in the bathroom (which, if she'd pooped in the TOILET in the bathroom, that would have been alright... LOL  phil had done a good job of cleaning out her litter, so she had to have been having a go at me.  brat.  *laugh*  she's being snuggly now, so i think she's better.  

saw a fb post about a new book coming out in november that looks AWESOME - Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye.  she apparently has some vampire books i need to be checking out, as well... *grin*  i love discovering new authors to read!!  

ummm... yeah, i think that's quite a long enough sharing session for today!!  LOL  PTL i get to sleep in tomorrow & don't have to be at work til like 11.  woot!

how'd your weekend go???  ttfn!  <3 ya!  : )  

Saturday, July 6, 2013

vacation: observations

1) my bed is a dream!  
like sleeping on a cloud of pillows.  : )

2) normally, when i'm on vacation, i like to order room service at least once.  i don't care aboiut the price, because i'm on vacation & allowed to splurge.
this trip, i keep thinking...
"i could pay $15 for a waffle, or i could buy 2 books at full price."

3) books win.

4) happily, i found starbucks iced coffee at the gas station, and it was 2 for $3, so i bought four of them & that feels like a treat.

5) i had some dry cereal, which i'd brought to snack on, and it is tasty, but i'm really hungry!!  i think i might have to venture out at lunch time.  or see if JJ's delivers here... hmmm.  

6) i finished It Happened One Midnight last night.  sometimes it's daunting to get into a new author's way of writing, but i really liked julie anne long's style, so i'll be looking for more from her!

7) next is hannah howell's If He's Tempted.  
i've been looking forward to this story since before i knew it existed!  the hero & heroine met in a previous book & i thought there was some interest & wanted them to have a story.  
and they DO!  yay!  :)  

8) all caught up on my bbdish blogs.
as mentioned on FB, i may be the only one who truly likes jeremy & kaitlin, but i do.  i'm enjoying the showmance portion, because - from what's been transcribed anyway - it's sort of like a romance novel.  LOL  they're attracted to each other, neither one are necessarily saints, but they mesh well together.  and it's cute how they're always like, "omg, we're on camera/what will my dad say/i forgot to take off my mic!" & other things like they should stop, but they don't/can't.  who knows what will happen to them outside the house - or even inside!  it's only week TWO!  but for now, i wish them well.

9) my hair is particularly curly today, and i wish i didn't have to wear it in a ponytail!  however, comfort over fashion, and if it's hot & sticky, a ponytail it will be!!

10) i'm now booked solid every weekend in july.  next weekend is bub & alex's wedding (yaaaay!!!!).  the 20th i'm taking leyton to mason city for stephen's 10th bday party/.
the 27th i'm going bowling w/ sarah & andrew & company!  yay!
then i think the first week in august we're going to chicago,.. 
and i'd still LIKE to be going to atlanta over labor day weekend, but so far i haven't heard that i've won that contest, so ... *pout*  *laugh*  

and that's my list for this morning! 
now i'm off to read til i venture out for some lunch. 
: ) 

Thursday, July 4, 2013


happy independence day blog buddies!!  : )  i hope you had a spectacular day with friends & family, and maybe some fireworks.  ; )  i think i saw more fireworks tonight than any other time in my life!  they were everywhere on my drive back to the hotel from joy's!  

the drive to omaha was quite nice - i ran errands & stuff this morning & then headed out (w/ starbucks of course!).  beautiful day, not terribly humid, LOTS of awesome LOUD music.  bliss!!  : )   also bliss, my hotel home away from home, the doubletree.  oh, this place makes me happy!  heh.  and my room this go around is a corner room on the 5th floor.  lovely!  i do so enjoy unpacking everything when i'm staying more than one night in a hotel.  putting things away in drawers & the armoire just feels... idk how to explain it.  i just enjoy it.  : )  i relaxed a bit w/ my book & then headed over to joy's around 6.  her house is so cute!!  and the kids - oh, i haven't seen them in a year & they've gotten so big!  i hadn't even met her youngest yet - he'll be a year in a few weeks.  i love my nieces & nephews!  : )  

we grilled out & shot off fireworks & played w/ snappers & the like.  their neighborhood seriously all gets into it, and there was a LOT of color in the skies!!  LOUD, too, and not the happy music kind of loud.  LOL  but super fun night!  

so!  anyone want to share their 4th of july fun?  


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

holy crap on a cracker

oh, big brother!  tonight's edit on cbs was interesting.  from reading my bbdish page, i had surmised that jeremy had guzzled a bottle of wine out of spite & i was quite irritated with him.  however, a couple of things revealed tonight - aaryn goaded him into getting the wine, and then she drank a big ol' cup of the wine, and then she went around THROWING JEREMY UNDER THE BUS about the wine!  and jeremy actually acted pretty gallant.  aaryn ran out & told him ppl were talking about her & attacking her about the wine, and he went in & took all the blame for drinking the wine (which is what bbdish transcribed).  now, jeremy has his issues & he can be a douche, but in that moment, i liked him a little more, and i think if/when the houseguests find out that he was being a bit chivalrous there, i think they'll like him a little more, too.

tonight, for the first time ever, i followed #bb15 on twitter & tweeted along w/ ppl while watching the show.  it was rather fun!  twitter annoys me on a regular basis, because it just moves too FAST for my liking.  i mean, i don't have all day to sit & tweet & read tweets & keep up w/ every little thing!!  and then i feel like i've missed out on huge chunks of what's going on in the twitterverse... so, i stay away from it normally.  but i'm thinking i might have to make it a regular thing during BB this year!!  : )  

jen kindly sent me some nifty photos from red white + BOOM tonight.  pretty fireworks captures & cute ones of the kids & her, too!  hooray!  i also got to chat w/ joy & carol & some of my authors a bit, so that was nice.  (heh, i claim them as "my" authors.  isn't that nice?  but seriously, i love interacting with them.  i love knowing the side of a beloved author that is personal.  i don't imagine i'll be meeting any of them for tea or anything, altho that would be EPIC, but it's just nice having a personal connection - even if it's just that they like a comment i've left on their page or something.  for that milisecond, they saw ME and liked something I said.  it's kinda heady... : )   

however, w/ all of that chatting & reading fb & twitter & texts & then blogs... i haven't read very much of the book i started - julie anne long's It Happened One Midnight.  i'm only a couple chapters in, but i LOVE the beginning!  this is the first book of hers i've read, and so far i am immensely enjoying her writing style!  i also picked up a Cat Devon book, two Lynsay Sands & another Eloisa James.  : )  other than still not having Enthralled, and not finding any more chillers books for katy, it was a successful book day!  heh.  

anyway!  i'm going to read for a couple hours & then go to bed.  i can sleep til whenever tomorrow, hooray! the plan is to get up whenever, as i said, finish packing, then head to WM, the bank, STARBUCKS & hit the road.  woot woot!!  phil will hopefully be looking in on angel... 


the search

so, ya know how i was confused about the Enthralled release date, and then finally figured out it was yesterday (which i had KNOWN cuz alyssa had been talking about release day july 2nd.  i just got confused because of the other release.).  but since BAM has consistently not had the new books shelved when i have gone on release day, i decided to wait til today.  

oh, and this morning, everyone was talking about how dead it was going to be at work, so i decided to take 3 hours of vacation & go shopping.  :)  i still need capris!  it was a good work-day, tho.  got everything done i wanted to, AND helped several ppl w/ timecard things!  : )  so, that's a score!  someone asked me if timecards were my passion, and i said, actually they kinda are.  *laugh*  it's sort of out of necessity, but mostly i do really LIKE them.  or, rather, i like helping ppl w/ them.  i still think it would be better to use a different application for timecards, but that's okay.  

anyway, so i went to BAM to find Enthralled, but they were already sold out.  seriously.  apparently they'd only been sent like 3 copies.  *boggle*  so i might head over to B&N tomorrow before i leave.  oye.  shawna mentioned that LB has some cute capris, too, so i might stop there, as well.  i was also trying to find some american chillers books for katy, but BAM didn't have those, either.  *pout*  i DID, however, find more books from my list on the buy 2 get 1 free tables, so that was awesome!  :)  and i remembered to use my coupon.  woot!!  next, i went to the book rack to see if they had some chillers.  they did not, but they DID have judi fennell's Wild Blue Under, which i had been looking for!  : )   then my plan was to continue the search for capris, but by this point i was just ready to be home.  

i logged on at 2 for an hour, but here it is two hours later.  however, i don't feel bad about that, because part of what took longer was chatting w/ my cousin amanda!  : )  i love my family; they are fun to talk to!  but there are so many of us (a blessing!) it's hard to connect individually sometimes.  so i'll take any opportunity i can to chat!  

now, i'm going to finish this anthology & then pick out some books, get started on packing, do some laundry, go to mom's to watch BB... oh, i have to go to WM to pick up my rx before the trip, too.  but i think i'll do that tomorrow.  i don't feel like getting dressed again - and i do NOT want to end up on that "people of WM" site.  altho, i do wonder - in today's overly sensitive society, could someone sue that site for posting their picture w/o permission?  

food for thought.  speaking of food...i'm hungry!  ttfn!  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


so many thoughts swirl through my mind constantly.  sometimes i feel like if i don't share them, they will just keep running around & around in my head.  and sometimes, i don't know how to share them.  sometimes i feel like i always have to be happy, even when i'm feeling grumpy.  i feel apologetic for being grumpy, like, it's not what ppl expect me to be and it's not really who i AM, but sometimes it is.  sometimes i don't feel like smiling or being friendly or kind or nice.  but it's like i can't help myself.  i don't want to be mean, i want to be a blessing in everything i do.  i want to make ppl happy.  sometimes i'm not happy.  

even typing that, thinking it, it feels like a betrayal to myself.  

i'm grateful that i am mostly happy.  i mean, i know that i'm blessed, and i'm so thankful for all the blessings.  even when i'm in pain (every day), i don't want ppl to know it.  and at the same time i DO want ppl to know it, but i don't want them to feel bad about it.  i strive to be honest, because i feel like three's just no time for secrets.  well, not secrets, exactly.  i mean, it's not like i'm going to ask mr c out or anything, and isn't that kind of a secret?  LOL  a very well-known secret, but not one i'm going to act on.  for all my "open book" personality, i'm not that brave.  that's a silly turn of phrase, tho, as it's not really about courage.  it still boils down to not wanting to make someone else feel badly.  i wouldn't want to put someone in the position of having to say no.  

or something like that.  it's late, i need to sleep.  and those are only a portion of the thoughts swirling through my head!  

aren't you glad i shared?  

here's some more normal carrie-thought.  

today was a pretty good day.  there were good conversations had with ppl (not mr c, today, pity.  LOL).  got to hang out w/ mom & watch BB.  : )  read some nice stories - altho this particular anthology i'm reading has reminded me of what i don't like about short stories - sometimes they just seem so rushed, and other times there is just not ENOUGH of them.  and also, one of the stories i read today didn't give me my HEA & it just seemed unfinished (perhaps because there will be a longer book with these characters eventually?  i can hope, anyway!).  and that annoyed me.  then the next story had a hint of HEA, but not quite enough.  idk.  i like resolution in the stories i read, ya know?  

um.  and then i was reading character profiles & character blogs on sherri's site & that made me want to dive back into the dark-hunter world, but maybe i'll do that in august & re-read the whole series before styxx comes out.  : )  and i still want to win that contest!!!  *prays*  *sigh*  

agh, it's 11:30 & tomorrow will hopefully be busy & go fast so that it will then be the weeeeekend & time for my trip & stuff!!  :)  

that's enough of a peek into carrie for today, i think.  good night & i hope your day was lovely!!  


Monday, July 1, 2013

ready for vacation!

i'm chomping at the bit to just go go go!  but have to make it through work tomorrow & wednesday & then figure out what time i'm leaving on thursday - i mean, i still want to sleep in, but don't want to leave too late.  and trying to think of everything i need to do - laundry & packing & picking which books are coming with me & making sure phil will remember to come feed & water & snuggle with angel.  : )  

my fb posts tonight have been all over the board.  jensen ackles as dean winchester lip syncing to Eye of the Tiger.  charlie daniels's SPOT ON post about the fact that the media is using paula deen as a distraction from  all the CRAZY IMPORTANT things that are going on right now.  a blog about finding a gorgeous mirror on craig's list.  ben stein.  my goodreads review of Ten Things I Love About you.  (gosh, i adored most of that book!  lists!!!)  

today was beautiful for a monday.  :)  cinnamon roll and iced coffee from panera.  beautiful blue skies.  35th anniversary party at work (interestingly - today is also my aunt & uncle's 35th wedding anniversary).  seeing mr crushtastic & getting to be all flirty w/ him.  heh.  i love when we get to have tiny little conversations, but then i always want them to last longer.  : ) 

the weather was lovely all day.  got to read at lunch.  also, there were OLIVES in the cafeteria.  i love when brenda brings me olives.  yum!  also yum, arthur's for dinner.  i splurged & got a slice of strawberry cheesecake, too.  i'll nibble on it for a couple days.  : )  

i want to go to dragon*con in atlanta labor day weekend.  i entered a contest.  it'd be so neat if i won!!!  i'm 95% sure i won't be going if i don't win it.  *laugh*  then i've also been thinking about christmas & if i want to travel this year for it if i can.  contemplating DC/Maryland again, visiting w/ april & her family, & the smithsonian.  but then i have been reallllllyyyyyy feeling the pull of the ocean lately.  i sort of want to rent a beach house in alabama - the gulf of mexico isn't exactly the ocean, but it is big & majestic & awesome... and dauphin island was beautiful when i was there so many years ago.  and then i remember corpus christi, and the beach there, as well.  plus, texas has the added dad-memories... *sigh*  i'm just feeling the wanderlust gripping me, and i am trying to be smart & not jump into planning a trip willy-nilly.  i do have a tendency to do that, you know?  i'm either jumping into things or plotting them endlessly.  idk which is better.  or maybe they are both good and bad in equal measure.  idk.  

dichotomy of my life, always!  

i think i need brighter bulbs in my living room light fixture.  

oh, i need to remember to put more money on my starbucks card.

oh, oh!  the other day, when i was sad because i had forgotten to pick up Enthralled?  turns out i had the date wrong & it comes out TOMORROW anyway!  : )  so yay!  trip to BAM tomorrow?  possibly...  


dreamed of yanni last night.  *laugh*  Was in a really big mansion, visiting with Yanni.  He had a huge aquarium that took up one entire wall, but it was currently empty.  He’d just been through a divorce & his wife took all the water & fish.  (?!)  he was planning to refill it but wanted my opinion on what all should go in there now.  We went upstairs – huge curving staircase – into a botanical garden area, complete w/ waterfall & koi pond.  I met w/ a couple other ppl & we decided to film a game show for TV.

 doesn't that sound like fun??  it was a fun dream!  : )  

hope you're having a good week so far!