Sunday, June 30, 2013

ten things about today

1) i slept til 9 & had very interesting dreams that i can't remember.

2) went to hardee's for breakfast, which is normal for sunday.  i ordered a sunrise croissant w/ ham instead of a sausage cheese biscuit, which is my regular.  it was yummy!  

3) i read 2 books & started a third - Bodyguard & Hard Mated by jennifer ashley, and Ten Things I Love About You by julia quinn.  :)  i love JA's shifters series, and am really enjoying JQ's books as well!  on chapter 10 & don't want to go to bed... but that's normal.  LOL 

4) i bought an e-cig, in an attempt to reduce how much i smoke.  i know a big part of my smoking is routine rather than need, so i'm trying to change my routine.  we'll see if it works!!

5) figured out how to play candy crush on my computer.  i deleted it from my phone because i was stuck at level 65 for like a month & it just wasn't fun to play anymore.  it might be fun on the computer.  we'll see about that, too.

6) the more i read about the things president obama has been getting up to, the more i weep for our country.  i liked him.  i campaigned for him.  and i just really don't like the choices he's been making.  and then there are these stories about ppl fighting over abortion at 20 weeks.  i understand how ppl can think of it as "a fetus" rather than "a baby" during the first trimester.  this is the time when you don't know you're pregnant, you don't know if the pregnancy will take, you maybe are shocked or worried or whatever is going on.  and medical type ppl tell you it's not a baby yet.  science says it's just "tissue."  i can understand how you can be led to believe abortion is just another medical procedure during the first trimester.  but at FIVE MONTHS?  that's over 1/2 the pregnancy.  at that point, ultrasounds are showing you very clearly that there is a child in your body.  abortion at that point is not a "simple" procedure.  i don't understand how ppl can fight to terminate a pregnancy at that stage without calling it what it is.  *sigh*  

7) i didn't mean to go off on that tangent for number 6!  but more & more the hypocrisy gets to me.

8) - 10) well, this started out as a lighthearted post & i was going to share more about going to mom's to hang out & watch BB & how i really like nick & sort of want to like mccrae, and really don't want david to go - i think they should evict jessie.  but after the distraction of 6, which came about because of recent fb posts by friends... *sigh*  i'm just leaving it there.

i hope everyone had a beautiful sunday.  *HUGS*  and ttfn.  

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