Saturday, June 29, 2013

take care, sara

i gush.  i gush about books, a lot.  it's what i do; it's who i am.  most of the time, i'm sharing about the books & authors i love w/o really expecting anyone to necessarily pick up one of their books based on my effervescent reviews.  i mean, let's face it, i tend to like things.  i know what kinds of stories i like, and i choose to read those stories rather than others because, well, i don't want to waste time on a story i might not like just because it's "popular."  ya know?  i feel bad enough not being super-gaga over the twilight books or the hunger game books (altho i really like the movies).  i felt bad not liking The Host.  i feel almost guilty when i read a book by a favored author & have a "meh" feeling.  (there is just this one amanda ashley book that i really WANTED to like & i just didn't.)

but guys, blog buddies, friends... you really should read Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart.  if you're an e-reader, it's still 99 cents til july 1st, i believe.  *sigh*  it's romance, but not.  i mean, there is a romantic storyline, and of course for me that's what it's about.  i don't want to read a book that doesn't have a HEA.  this story, tho, is about healing and faith and LOVE - loving oneself after a tragedy, learning to be yourself, learning to find yourself after a traumatic event.  it's about sara, and it's about ... just.  just give it a shot.  if you really don't like it, i'll give you your dollar back.  (friends, i'll give you your dollar back if you're my friend.  if you're some random person reading this, thanks for stopping by, but i'm not going to trust that you actually bought the book & didn't like it, so no dollar for you, sorry!  i'm not the donald!!)  ; ) 

(and seriously, how gorgeous is this cover?)


anyway, reading this book was a big portion of my day.  : )  i also managed to pick up some exotic thai & go over to mom's to sit w/ her under the car port while it rained buckets.  why were we in the car port while it was raining?  well, she was attempting to have a garage sale today.  d'oh!  other than the monsoon & complete lack of customers, it was nice to sit w/ her & visit & read & watch the awesome clouds.  also, funny story - i was bringing my pineapple fried rice to eat outside & phil very kindly was holding the door open for me & i missed a step on the porch & lost it!  d'oh!  SO HAPPY i didn't face plant!  i did lose the food, but didn't get hurt (falling down 5 steps & managed to land on my feet, praise the Lord!) AND saved my macchiato, so woot!  : )  

around 4 i went to pick leyton up - jen & anthony & jake were heading to the rock the district concert - three years hollow, theory of a deadman, candlelight red... i am a little jealous, as i would love to see them all in concert!!  but, it was an outdoor, crush-of-people type venue, and i know that would not have worked for me.  anyway, so i brought leyton back to mom's & we hung out & played with his "five finger death punch toy"... LOL  he's so funny!  i told him i have 2 FFDP cd's & he said, "ooh, we should listen to them."  i said, "no, honey, because some of their songs have bad words in them, and even tho i bought the cd's at WM, some of the bad words didn't get edited, like they are on the radio, so you'll have to enjoy them on the radio for a bit."  :)  

then we snuggled for awhile & watched teenage mutant ninja turtles.  : )  love snuggles with my leyton!!  

so, today was a blessed and good day, and i'm thankful!  i hope your saturday was brilliant as well!!  : ) 


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