Saturday, June 15, 2013

super saturday

i woke up at 5:30 this morning.  this is not terribly surprising since i went to bed at my "normal" time last night, even on the early side of normal.  however, i did not want to be up at 5:30 on a saturday, so i went back to sleep.  lol  got up about 3 hours later.  

finished smythe-smith #2, a night like this.  it was super cute & highly enjoyable!  so glad i've "discovered" julia quinn!  thanks to whichever fb authors have been featuring her lately!!  : )  next book is dragon heat, by allyson james who is also jennifer ashley, who is the author of some of my FAVORITE books - the shifters series & the mackenzie series.  love love her stories!  

i decided not to go to leyton's field day because it'd rained earlier & i didn't want to mess w/ mud & wet grass.  i'm just not that girl!  leyton won first place in something, tho, so that was nice!!  congrats to him!  : )

mom & leyton picked me up around 1:30 & we went to applebee's for lunch.  yummy goodness!  as soon as i figure out how to transfer pictures from my phone to this here computer, i will add them in - altho i posted some of them on fb, so!  : )  leyton & i like to roll cars back & forth while we wait for our food.  it's fun to watch them crash into each other!!  

after lunch, we headed out to a couple dollar stores so leyton could get some new cars & mom could find a coloring book w/ animals in it.  you would not think this would be a difficult task, but there apparently aren't a lot of coloring books out there w/ just regular animals.  seems odd to me, but what do i know??  

i'd contemplated heading out to the starbucks after i got home, but don't really feel like getting back out.  so, i think i'll just hunker down w/ my sexy dragon book (ya know, there are too few books about dragons, i tell you!  annette blair has a great series, but there are only two out right now & idk if she's planning any more in the series...  i should look that up.)!  

hope your saturday is going well!  


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