Thursday, June 20, 2013

snuggle time

"can i sit on your lap, aunt carrie?"  

the answer to this question will always be YES.  : ) 

i had just logged off of here, eaten some pineapple rice, and settled in to read when phil called to see if i could come stay w/ leyton for a little bit til mom got home.  i headed over there & beat them by about 15 minutes, so i did take that opportunity to read a bit.  LOL  

they arrived & leyton was playing a demented dentist game on phil's phone.  he came over & sat on my lap & "made" me watch him pull the poor teeth out of a gorilla... LOL  earlier he told me about choosing btwn a gorilla, bob, someone else or "an asian girl."  the "asian girl" turned out to actually be an "indian boy."  interestingly, it should have been "native american boy," from the looks of the picture.  so that was weird, but hilarious!  when he pointed to the picture & said, "asian girl," and i corrected him, he was like, "ohh, that makes more sense."  idk what he meant by that!  *laugh*

he moved on to a car game, where he proceeded to lose each & every game in seconds flat because he crashed into everything.  apparently, this was the reason he downloaded the game to his father's phone.  : )  

we watched some spongebob, played catch, snuggled up on the chair, rolled cars back & forth in the kitchen (he zoomed one of them right under the fridge.  d'oh!  but he got it OUT from under the fridge in one sweep, so that was good!), ate some cinnamon rolls - he had six on his plate & i made him put two back.  goodness, they are tiny & i ate two, but six?!  no, no, and no.  *laugh*  

mom got home around 8 & leyton & i continued to play cars for awhile & then shadow baseball (where he hits the pretend pitches i throw him) for a bit.  but then i was getting sleepy so i knew it was time to go!  not time for bed, but i don't like to drive home when i'm super tired, ya know!  

i'm going to try to finish Courting Midnight before i go to bed.  soooo happy to have tomorrow OFF!!  mental health day, greatly needed!!  : )  i'll work on adding in some pictures tomorrow.  : ) 


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