Friday, June 21, 2013

sleep is good

altho i did have some very strange dreams last night!  i don't remember them, just remember waking up thinking they were strange!  heh.  i got a good 8 hours of sleep; that was nice.  i could have slept longer, but wanted to make sure to get chloe in at a good time.

so, i had planned to go to the book store, and hallmark, and possibly kohl's.  but even at 9 AM, it was H O T and H U M I D, so i felt kinda "blah" about it all when i got outside.  instead, i went to target & bought the shinedown album w/ Enemies & the three days grace album with Chalk Outline & the first season of Castle & a hannah howell book.  heh.  and then i stopped at starbucks... ; )  

dropped chloe off & caught a ride home - except before we got here, i realized i hadn't taken my house key off the ring.  d'oh!  so we went back, i got my key, and came home.  the driver was a very nice retired gentleman who talked my ear off & didn't complain about having to go back.  once home, in the blessedly cool air conditioning!, i did some work on my book-book (i need a new name for this... book list?  purse log?  suggestions?!?!  i just call the one in my library my book log, but this isn't the same thing...) & got a few authors added in.  it does take a bit to do it all by hand, but i love the process, really!  : )  

trish & brianna & baby gracelyn picked me up for lunch at 11:30 & we went to las margaritas.  love them!  the beans were a bit off today, unfortunately, but the rest of the fare was delish!  and al met us there to eat, so that's fun.  

now i'm going to read for a bit - If He's Sinful by hannah.  oooh.  it's part of her wherlocke series, but not the first one.  hopefully it won't matter that i don't read them in order... normally i like to collect all the series & read in order, but this story looked good & i don't want to wait to read it til i find the others!  : ) chloe should be done soon, so after i pick her up i might try to do some of my errands.  i should get milk... and oh, i have to stop at the post office!  and it rained, so it was actually pleasant outside when we left the restaurant.  if the humidity hasn't risen again, i might shop.

anyway, i'm sure i'll post again later to let you know.  LOL  or keep track so i remember later.  i have missed having a writing outlet!  LOL


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