Friday, June 14, 2013


did i mention after the shinedown concert that i'm now a little obsessed with them?  well, their music, not really them, per se.  i mean, i don't even know the members of the band or anything.  lead singer is cute, tho.  looks GREAT in a suit vest.  not enough men dress up anymore, ya know?  and while i like a good t-shirt clad man, there is just something about a man in a dress shirt, especially if he has tattoos peeking out... oh my gosh.  hot!!  : ) 

so, shinedown has a carnival of madness tour going on & they'll be close in august, so i'm hoping to take anthony to see them again.  papa roach is also playing & that's one of his favorites.  : )  ffdp (that would be five finger death punch - i know, scary name, but i love them!) is playing nearby in july, and i was thinking to go to that as well, but the other bands with them don't sound familiar at all, and tickets are a little more expensive, and i just would rather see shinedown again.  altho if ffdp was HERE i wouldn't hesitate to go.  i've two of their cd's & have been listening to them OFTEN in the car.  like, back & forth btwn the two since i got them last month.  love love love!!  

i'm having fun with this laptop.  i've played around w/ pandora, added weatherbug, fb is a joy on a big screen again... watched a shinedown video... BLOGGING!  goodness, typing out my thoughts again feels divine, even tho laptop typing takes some getting used to.  i keep bumping the touchpad at weird times & i just hope i don't accidentally delete something whilst typing!  heh.

how'd everyone's week go?  mine was good, very blessed, but also work was a bear!  not the cute were-bear kind, either.  *laugh*  just every time i thought i would be able to do this or that, i would be inundated w/ a problem opportunities to help ppl w/ timecards or something.  i seriously praise the Lord every day for loving my job even when i'm frustrated.  there are days when, if i didn't love what i do, it could be debilitating.  today wasn't like that, but it was just BUSY.  every time i tried to get something started, the phone would ring, or an IM would pop up or an email w/ someone needing something.  and i wasn't doing a very good job of remembering where i left off before the interruptions, because they were coming one right after the other!  lol  i'm sincerely hoping that i rejected all the timecards i was supposed to... heh.  

after work i went to the other book rack (bought 7 books yesterday at the iowa store) to kill time (and look for a book for trish that i didn't see at that store) before our team dinner.  i ended up w/ 6 more books.  *grin*  i really, realllly need to take the time to organize my library since i'm buying up all these books!!  4th of july weekend would really be the opportune time for it if i weren't going to omaha.  *laugh*  but i am totally jonesing for a roadtrip & it's been AGES since i've been to omaha.  i haven't even met my newest nephew yet for pete's sakes!  so, maybe i'll try to work on it a bit this sunday... maybe...  : )  

anyway, i picked up a couple more julia quinn, an eloisa james - i haven't read any of hers yet, and after my successful liking of julia quinn, i'm giving her a try.  they do a lot of anthologies together. a couple hannah howell's & a vampire book by someone i've not heard of.  right now i'm reading the sequel to just like heaven, a night like this.  i didn't realize it was book 2 when i picked it up, but since i just read & enjoyed book 1, it worked out well!!  : )  love when things like that happen!!  

the gals in the store were talking about cute new guy that works there.  awww.  i won't go into details or anything, but i was having a fun time listening to the stories!!  : )  

from my little slice of heaven, i went next door to another slice, the starbucks.  i hadn't intended to stop, since i was on my way to dinner, but i was thirsty & it was there & i was only one or two drinks away from a free one... heh.  then it was off to the mexican restaurant to meet the team.  or most of the team anyway.  we have one gal who doesn't come to our get togethers for one reason or another.  we like her, tho, so it's okay.  it's not cuz shes being snobby or anything like that.  she misses out, tho, because we have a nice time together.  it's refreshing to get along so well!!  : )  i had some yummy enchiladas & chips & salsa.  mmm!  we talked about the upcoming wedding of one of the gals, and a marathon another is doing this weekend in chicago, and a trip to alaska of a third's husband.  and of course i may have mentioned my latest bookish pursuits.  they all know the book store is my happy place.  heh,  like i'd ever keep THAT a secret for long even if i attempted to try!  ; )  

cousin manda was having a birthday party at the casino tonight, too, which i'm sure will be loads of fun!  if the timing would have worked out, i would have stopped by after dinner, but it didn't & by the time i left i just wanted to get in my pre-jammies & blog & get to my book!!  i really do have a ppl-interaction-limit.  some days it is shorter than others!!  

so, i think you're all caught up with today or so.  thanks for stopping by!!  : )  ttfn!  

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