Tuesday, June 25, 2013


so, we all know i love to book shop.  it's not a secret.  heh.  today i may have bought the most books ever in one day - i think 22.  AND i forgot to one!!  sheesh.  (now i have to decide - do i go back to BAM tomorrow & get the book, or do i wait til i'm done w/ the next couple of books in my queue & then go get it?  LOL)  

this is what happens when i get organized & figure out just which books i need, and when the authors i'm currently obsessing over have like 40 books already out!  okay, not that many individually.  lol  well, come to think of it, hannah howell might have that many.  idk, i made the lists, but i haven't counted them!  i'll probably do that at some point (nerd that i am) but not tonight!  

i started out at book rack #1 & purchased a passel of julia quinn, a couple HH, and found a book for kathryn for her birthday.  : )   then i went to BAM & they were having their "buy 2 get 1 free" event, which is how i filled out my lynsay sands & kerrelyn sparks collections previously.  today they had some lovely julia quinn titles, and one of lynsay's historicals i'd been looking for.  woot!  my main purpose for going there had been to get lynsay's latest hysterical historical & also Enthralled.  however, despite it being release day, they didn't have lynsay's book shelved yet, so i got distracted looking for that & forgot Enthralled!  that's the one i have to go back for...  but they kindly went to the back & pulled An English Bride in Scotland for me, so yay!  :)  after spending $60 there (yep) (should have been $55 - i forgot to use a coupon, darn it!!!), i wasn't going to the other book rack.  except i had a feeling i should... which was good because i found a couple jennifer ashley books!  yay!  oh, and an amanda ashley, as well.  hurrah!  

i also made a bux run for a chai... :D  really, i'm preferring coffee and tea over soda, which is good, but expensive.  enjoying having the money to spend, but soon i will need to rein in the purse strings once again - i have a few doctor appts in july after i get back from vacation, and i'm not sure what the out of pocket will be for those.  so... yeah.  

when i got home, i had to do some shelf rearranging to accommodate all the new books!!  i'm still not satisfied completely with the layouts, but until i want to put more elbow grease in, it'll do.  eventually i want allllll my books by each author together, somehow separated by the ones i've read & the new ones.  i have bins that will need to be cleared out & need to figure out what books to take to the book rack.  i don't think i have plans this saturday, so potentially i can get some of the work done then... but let's be honest... i'll probably be reading!  ; ) 

i've been playing on FB & watching FFDP videos & now here it is 9pm & i haven't read at all!  i'm going to shut down the puter & have a couple hours of Jack & Grace & then off to bed.  

ttfn!!  : )    

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