Thursday, June 20, 2013

nice to meet you!

today was a pretty good day at work.  got a lot accomplished, read at lunch, made some lunch plans for next week, made chloe an appt w/ the car doc for tomorrow... and then went to HQ for a meet & greet.  part of the team (we're like an activities committee) went early to help with anything & get the lay of the land.  we didn't really have to help much - everything was set up nicely - but it was good for me to be in the room before it filled up.  

our director, who was sponsoring this shindig, said she wanted ppl to mingle, mingle, mingle, and wanted the committee members to be an example, so i mingled.  i ate some delicious cheese & fruit & petit fours, well a petit four, and had some iced coffee.  i talked to some ppl i hadn't seen in awhile, and met a couple ppl i'd been emailing with recently but hadn't met in person before.  : )  also got a high compliment from one of the managers in my area that really made me smile!  and blush, but i was in a room full of ppl & had to be social, so i was already rather warm & bright red anyway, so no one could tell if i was blushing!  LOL  the party was to go on til 4, but i had to leave at 3.  i went over to our director to say goodbye & thank her again for sponsoring this, and she grabbed me & another teammate to do the first part of one of the drawings.  LOL  i was like - how did i end up in front of the whole party AGAIN?!?!  yeesh.  but it was fun & i was okay - i do LIKE being social & i LIKE doing fun things for ppl & i especially LIKE being able to share in making ppl happy w/ prizes & stuff!  *laugh*  and thank the Lord my panic attacks stayed mostly at bay.  

and then when i left, i got off on the wrong floor because the head food service guy was there & i got distracted complimenting him & his team on the great job they did w/ the food.  LOL  but i finally made it to the right floor & then out.  : )  

now i'm home & cooling off - it is a HOT one! - & gonna buy some books on amazon & then finish Courting Midnight.  i told debi earlier today that i don't think i'll read any more books by this author, even tho i'm enjoying the story, but then the story part got better at lunch, so now idk.  i might look for more books in this series, but we'll see how the rest of the book goes.  

what else?  i'm hungry, so i think a little leftover pineapple rice is in my future!  : )  

what've you been up to?


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