Thursday, June 13, 2013

new home

hello, blog buddies!  i hope everyone who may have missed me during my unintentional blog sabbatical will join me at my new spot for random musings & photos!  :)  

i bought a new toy today.  i'd been contemplating it for awhile, & today was finally the day.  i bought a chromebook.  his name hasn't come to me yet, but it might be duncan.  something scottish for sure... i have been reading a lot of historical romances lately whose main characters are scottish highlanders.  mmmm,  anyway, before i get to drooling...  ; ) 

so, since my gmail account is already all set up on the cloud & whatnot, i thought i'd just connect everything to one account.  but i can't figure out how to move my other blogs, so i'm just starting a new one.  i'll go do a post at the other blog explaining w/ the new address, too,  

how's everyone been?  

more later - for now, mom called & wants me to go over there & help her go thru movies or something.  she is having a garage sale in a couple weeks & getting rid of stuff...

til later - ttfn!  : )   

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