Sunday, June 16, 2013

music inspires

me to read.  not that i need any more inspiration than the book itself, really, but there are just certain songs that - because of a line or a theme - make me think of certain books, characters, series...  : )  i'm sure i've talked about it before, and i know i talk about it on fb all the time!  when i hear nickelback's "saving me" it's all ash & tori, because ash sings it for tori in Acheron.  "i'll come for you" again by nickelback makes me think of seth & lydia, because lydia says to seth, "i'll always come for you."  and that sentiment is just so ... beautiful.  to have someone love you enough to literally travel to hell to save you... : )  

(you know, Jesus has that love for us.  just saying!)

seth had been calling to me for awhile, every time i heard that song lately, so i read The Guardian over today, after finishing Dragon Heat.  and before i go to bed, i'll start Wild Conquest (doesn't THAT sound like a fun title??).  won't get to read much of that before i have to go to bed, but that's okay.  

i did do something other than read today, tho - matthew called to chat tonight, so that was fun!  and i caught up on some blogs & watched some youtube (okay, so i watched the videos for the songs mentioned above).  oh, and figured out how to add pictures in to my blog, so yay!  see, productive!  ; ) 

anyway, that's all for tonight.  i just felt like sharing.  


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