Saturday, June 22, 2013

it's a hot one

howdy, party peeps!  are you staying cool today?  i just got back from hanging out w/ mom & leyton, and it is H O T out there!  yuck!  also not feeling great today, ya know, so i'm happy to be back in the AC!  hopefully it'll get down to a nice 69 degrees in here soon...

i'd debated going out w/ them this morning because i knew it was going to be my bad day when i got up.  i'd hoped it wouldn't start til after the reception tonight, but that was apparently a futile hope!  i was going to call off the movie, but i wasn't feeling too bad & thought i'd be alright.  and i was, but the heat combined w/ everything else, and i was wilting fast when we got out of the movie!  we went to see monsters university & it was very cute & funny & held leyton's interest - he did lay down in the chair a couple times, but there was no "i'm bored and have to visit the loo" stuff, so i call it a win!  : ) 

after the movie, we stopped at starbucks & then mom got her hair cut & ran into WM (she picked up a couple things i needed, as well, so i didn't have to go in.  nice mommy!!).  leyton & i stayed in the car & played w/ his jet & took pictures.  :)  i'll do a separate post for thursday & today's pictures later!  heh.  

now i'm going to play a bit & then get to reading.  i finished If He's Sinful (enjoyed!) just before they picked me up & am now reading If He's Dangerous, which looks to have an interesting premise!  might watch some more castle or endgame or something on hulu, but not til later.


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