Monday, June 17, 2013

spy vs spy

sometimes i think the life of a spy would be fun, but then i remember i'm too honest & would not make a good spy.  especially if i started to feel sympathetic toward the person/ppl i was spying on.  can you imagine?  i'd end up trusting someone from the russian mafia & be trapped in moscow.

did i mention i am talking about spying in the 80's during the cold war?  LOL  

spying in the 80's was sexy.  scarecrow & mrs king, hart to hart, simon & simon.  well, okay, spying and being a PI.  ooh, remington steele.  there was a fun show!  

what got me to thinking about spying today??  i have no idea.  today was kinda a rough monday.  just issue after issue.  i started out in the morning trying to get some vacations done - it took me all day to finish them because i kept having to stop for timecard & vacation issues.  i didn't even get to memorials.  i put them on the schedule for tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.  it was a nice day, too, however.  i got to email w/ april & angie, saw mr crushtastic & got to chat w/ him for a minute.  a very brief minute, and my mouth was full of very dry cake donut that i was trying to chew, swallow & talk through w/o losing any of it.  mr c is very gracious, and i IM'd him later to thank him for not holding that against me.  LOL  his response?  "i've been there."  heh.  he's gonna make someone a really great husband when he gets older.  :)  

also nice about today - i had a very complimentary meeting and several interesting phone calls to help ppl w/ stuff!  : )  after work, i had a free coffee at starbucks, and then i picked up JJ's for dinner. yummy!!  now in my blessedly cool house, i've read some book excerpts from upcoming stories by alyssa day & kerrelyn sparks.  i think both their new books, and lynsay sands new "hysterical historical" are coming out at the end of the month or so.  woot!  i'll be hitting up the BAM.  altho, i haven't seen alyssa's other new book there, so i may have to order it online or something.  we'll see!!

for now, i think it's time i delve back into Wild Conquest.  i think it's going to take me longer to read it, because i only have about 5 hours tonight (and let's be honest, i tend to take "play around on the internet/phone" breaks) & then have both lunch & dinner plans tomorrow.  so... we'll see!  i like the story so far, except i'm not overly fond of the name Pleasance.  lol

anyway, happy monay, party peeps!


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