Monday, June 24, 2013

holy buckets!!

oh my goodness!  so, i left work & was planning to go to the bux, but didn't want to go down the one road because i didn't want to be tempted by the book rack - the sky was fixin to rain again.  so i figured i'd go to the bux across the bridge, maybe stop at CFA for dinner since i haven't been there in awhile.  well.  the weather was alright til i hit the bridge, where i was greeted with this:


it was raining so hard i couldn't see at one point, but i was ON THE BRIDGE, so there weren't a lot of options!  really, only one option - keep driving.  

by the time i got to the other side of town, the rain was a mere sprinkle, so i stopped at panera for chai & then subway.  avocado's back, yay!  : )  i was nearly home when my phone let me know there was a tornado WARNING in my area.  not a watch, but a WARNING.  double EEP!  that means one's been sighted somewhere, but where?  oh, wait, probably that cloud up there!  oye.  thankfully, it was only active til 4:30.  

so now i am praying, please Lord keep us safe from any more tornadoes!  no more warnings.  no more sightings.  nada!  thank you!!!

so.  how was your day?  oh, i got to flirt w/ a cute guy at work who was there for a meeting.  that was fun.  ;  ) 


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