Thursday, June 27, 2013


my grass is very green from all the rain.  it's nice.  except that it means it's time to mow it again, and altho i'm fortunate to not have to mow it myself, it can be a bit of a pain trying to get phil to do it.  not his fault - i don't mean to say that.  but when the main office wants things mowed or trimmed, they give me like 2 days' notice to do it, and phil isn't always able to squeeze in at such short notice w/ his schedule.  *sigh*  

today, work was nutty in the morning & then calm in the afternoon.  i'm used to nutty, but it still can be a bit aaack!  *laugh*  like, at one point i was IMing w/ 3 ppl helping w/ timecard issues, and then someone called about timecard things, and then just as we were wrapping up on the phone, one of the IMers called because i hadn't been responding fast enough through IM!!  meanwhile, my email was growing as i was helping w/ these things - w/ timecard issues!  LOL  i got some veggies & dip & pretzels & hummus for lunch, talked to my manager about all the timecard stuff, and then went out to read for 1/2 an hour.  :)  it was HOT and not terribly comfortable in the car today - no real breeze.  boo.  i didn't get to finish the book til i got home, but it was fabulous!!  :)  

also fabulous, listening to FFDP on the way to work, getting pumped up!  and singing loudly w/ the window down... LOL  i love to sing along w/ songs, even when sometimes i'm not so much relating to them.  like, they have many songs that are reallllly awesome musically, and i love the lyrics, but i wouldn't want them to be true for me!  and then there are other songs that i totally relate to because they have been true or are now true for me.  not just FFDP - on the way home i was blasting three days grace, same thing.  anonymous, demon, chalk outline... awesome awesome songs but ... lol  

anyway!  Sex & the Psychic Witch was waiting for me when i got home, but my next book is lynsay's An English Bride In Scotland.  : )  i read the first chapter online & have been chomping at the bit to get to it!  so... here i go!  *laugh*  

also, i'm so happy tomorrow is friday!!!  :)  


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  1. oh, also also - i want a lemon blueberry cupcake from sprinkles! i hate when i have cravings for things that are in chicago! (sprinkles, garrett's... lol)


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