Sunday, June 16, 2013

father's day 2013

father's day is an awesome holiday.  but bittersweet when you miss your dad.  i have several friends who this is their first w/o their dad, and i send *HUGS* out to them!!  this is my 7th w/o mine, but i had 29 father's days before that, so i'm pretty fortunate.  he was a great and FABULOUS daddy, and i'm very grateful that i get to call him mine.  

he was a great example of husband and father - i do think he spoiled me a lot.  btwn him & grandpa  forest, it's no wonder i'm not married.  who could compare?  maybe that's why i don't date... lol  no, there are many reasons, but i don't think i can truly blame it on that.

anyway, tangent - oh,  aren't you used to those??  LOL  

so, my dad gave me a love of the Lord, vacation, road trips, reading, buck rogers, butter pecan ice cream, and randomness.  : )  i love you, daddy, and i miss you but am happy you're with our Father above, playing golf or catch & release fishing, or whatever it is we get to do in Heaven.  *HUGS*

he was also a pretty good example for phil...  : ) 


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