Friday, June 14, 2013


i used to work 8:30 to 5 because i wanted to sleep in for as long as possible.  now i work 6:30 to 3 & while i don't really ENJOY getting up this early, i find i don't really ENJOY getting up no matter what time i have to be up.  sometimes i don't even enjoy getting up when it's a holiday or weekend, and i've slept 10 hours & i'm looking forward to my book or some such other pursuit!  i just don't enjoy having to be up.  but as long as there is coffee...  : )  

it's such a blessing to me that i can get up & be up early enough to stop for some starbucks or panera on the way to work.  or hardee's or mcdonald's if i'm craving a biscuit or burrito.  lol  but it's just nice to not feel like i'm rushing around in the morning.  and it's really strange to me that i do less rushing around in the morning when i have to be up & about early.  i was always oversleeping when i worked at 8 or 8:30.  but for some reason, and praise the Lord, that happens less often now that i'm up earlier.

really.  strange.  

also a little strange and yet wonderful is having time - and now the means! - to write this before i head out the door for starbucks & work.  : )  also, i may be a little obsessed.  about all sorts of things - books, crushes, coffee... LOL  but the starbucks rewards program is just so... lovely!  and putting money on my card is just so convenient & then it's so easy to spend cuz it's already "accounted for."  ya ken?

anyway, off to work!  TGIF for sure!  we have a team dinner after work, which i'm looking forward to but at the same time is going to cut into my reading.  lol  ; ) 

ttfn!  hope your day is BLESSED!!!!



  1. Maybe you're a morning person in disguise. :)

  2. LOL or a late-bloomer. my body adjusted to being a morning person faster than i thought it could, tho, so that's cool.

    there just always has to be


    of coffee! : )


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