Friday, June 28, 2013


i loathe confrontation.  i will do everything in my power to avoid a confrontation on a personal level.  i also do my best to avoid it at work, of course!  i want things to be copacetic, ppl to get along, etc., etc.  

today i had to have a confrontation with the property manager in my neighborhood.  you see, wednesday when i got home, there was a notice that my trim & weed-like plants around my a/c needed mowing.  the notice stated this should be accomplished by the 28th, or the park would do it & charge $50.  now, when things are due by a certain date, you have - generally - until close of business on that day to pay them/accomplish them.  so, phil came over to my house around 2:30 to take care of the yard - only to find IT HAD ALREADY BEEN DONE!  


so, i called the office.  no answer.  i tried calling the office for an hour with no answer.  i finally left a message for them to call me back, which they did about 20 minutes later.  the office manager tried to tell me that "by" and "before" mean the same thing.  ummm.  no.  so i argued w/ her for a bit about that, finally saying, "that's fine, i'll just talk to your boss if i have to, because that is not right, and i'm not paying $50."  she said that she would do this one as a "courtesy" and change any other letters to me to state "before."  there was more to the conversation, and her attitude was atrocious, but i've just now stopped shaking from that & the 2nd conversation i had to have w/ her, when i got home to find that they hadn't even cleaned UP!  my sidewalk has piles of grass all over, and there were branches that they'd apparently cut sitting in the middle of my decks.  (not on the decks; on the cement btwn the decks.)  she seemed surprised that i was upset that they'd left them, since i wasn't being charged.  WTH?  really?  so, you think it's okay to not clean up after yourselves?  

ugh.  i've found the corporate website & will be composing a complaint letter to them.  idk if i can attach the pictures to it or not (it's not an email address, but a form box kinda thing).  *sigh*  

aside from that, my day was filled w/ more timecard issues - they just keep coming!  *laugh*  but it was quiet for a lot of the day & i was able to work on my error reports, so that was cool.  and it was nice out today, so reading in the car was quite pleasant.  i am REALLY enjoying lynsay's book, but then i enjoy all her books because i adore her writing style!!  :) 

after all that fuss, i decided that i really wanted steak for dinner.  enter applebee's curbside to go.  love it!!  the steak was delish & i'm saving the spinach salad for later.  

oh, there were some other nice things about today - my amazon books arrived!  Take Care, Sara & Dating Husbands by Lindy Zart, Hard Mated & Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley, and Vampires Gone Wild by Kerrelyn Sparks & 3 other writers (it's an anthology of short stories).  woot!!!  ALSO, when i called phil, leyton answered & i got to chat w/ him for a couple minutes.  : )  THAT will always bring a smile to my face & a warmth to my heart!!  yay!  : )  

*sigh*  so, there you have it!  i'll include some pictures just for your enjoyment.  LOL 


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