Tuesday, June 18, 2013


this computer has some buttons on the top row, and i have very little idea of what they do.  i suppose i could play around with them - and i will, maybe, later - but it would have been nice if the instructions included some guide to the buttons.  i mean, i understand esc - escape.  the power button.  volume is pretty simple.  then there are two buttons which i think dim or brighten the screen.  a reload button.  okay, these all seem normal.  then we have two arrows going in opposite directions, a square with white corners, and a square with two squares coming out of it (to toggle btwn windows, maybe?  but i have tabs... not sure!)

so, if anyone has a chromebook or laptop with similar buttons & wants to help me out, let me know!!  :)  please & thank you!

i was in a better mood today.  having half an hour to read before work helped put me in a good mood, i think!  then i stopped at the starbucks for a coffee frapp.  i thought i ordered a venti, but they gave me a grande, and that's what was on the receipt, so i guess not!  lol  

there weren't as many issues today, and only one or two emails that made me want to be snarky (i resisted). had a networking lunch w/ someone i hadn't met before & a manager who has given me fits in the past but seems to be loosening up some & proving to be a pretty decent person.  : )   we went to jimmy john's, where  i'd planned to only eat 1/2 my sandwich because i was meeting jenni for mexican & i didn't want to still be full at dinner time!  *laugh*  however, i was suuuuper hungry & it was a really good roast beef sandwich & we were chatting so much that before i knew it, the sandwich was gonzo!  then i felt a little uncomfortably full for an hour, and then i was better.  the afternoon did drag a little, tho!!  

i met jenni for dinner at one of the Azteca's & she treated (sweet!  thanks again, dear cousin!).  : )  i mostly ate chips & cheese dip & salsa.  mmmmmm they have good chips!  i had some chicken enchiladas, too, which i just realized were supposed to come w/ green salsa, but didn't.  oh well, i think i may have caused that when i asked for cheese instead of red sauce, but i wasn't thinking they'd leave off the GREEN sauce.  LOL  oh well, they were good, and i have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!  if i remember to bring them to work, of course.  heh.  

and aside from the yummy food, it was nice to hang out w/ jenni, who i barely ever get to see since she lives in the BEAUTIFUL state of alaska.  (oh, i miss alaska.  the gorgeous scenery of juneau, the crispness of the air, the fact that it's ALASKA...)  

now, home for - what else? - reading!  *grin*  i finished Wild Conquest & i highly enjoyed it!  i even came to ... not hate ... the name Pleasance.  i guess.  i liked her character at least!  LOL  now i shall read an interestingly different looking vampire book, Courting Midnight, by emma holly.  i just realized from the author reviews that this might be a little *ahem* steamier than i normally like my books, but if falling in love with jennifer ashley's writing has taught me anything, it's that a little steam can be a good thing.  so, i'll reserve judgement til i get into the book.  

aside from the fact that i'm 36 years old and not scared of sex, so there is that.  (however, i hold firm on my belief that there is absolutely NO REASON for 3/4 of the nekkid breast and graphic sex scenes in certain hbo/cinemax/showtime, etc., series which are otherwise really good stories.  but then, i really, reallllly don't want to see other ppl's boobs.  it's a personal preference.  LOL)

ooh, tangents are fun, no?  ; ) 

anyway, that's all i got today!  live long & prosper!!  : ) 


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