Saturday, June 15, 2013


taking a break from reading to add books to my wishlist on amazon.  these are books i can't find at the physical bookstore, & even tried to order a couple from the book rack, but they weren't listed on their site.  it's super fun, tho!!  :)  gonna order some of the Shifters that i thought were only available in e-book, but amazon has them in print.  yay!  and a couple lindy zart books.  i'm not sure how i heard about her, but i friended her on fb & she is super nice & lovely!  and from all the excerpts i've read of her latest release, take care, sara, i just have to read it!!  even tho i don't normally read emotional roller coaster books unless i already know the characters, i feel like i do know these characters... should be interesting!

and now being part of a really funny conversation btwn trish & her daughter in law...  LOL  i am blessed with just the best friends & family, i tell ya!!  : )  

so, it's 11:30.  last night i couldn't stay awake past like 10 & tonight i don't wanna go to bed.  what the dealio??  meh, who knows?  but it's time for me to get back to my book for a bit & maybe go to bed at midnight.  ; ) 


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