Wednesday, June 26, 2013

another summer of big brother!!

the good one, the show, not the ever-present government entity that wants to control you.  *laugh*

i've been watching big brother since season one.  some seasons are fabulous, some so wretched i only watch the first couple weeks & the finale.  but whether i'm watching or not, i always keep up through bbdish.  this has been my favorite site for live feed transcriptions & updates for years.  love it!!  if you're a fan of the show & hadn't discovered the dishers, i encourage you to give them a try this season!  

speaking of this season... the cast isn't wow-ing me, but i'll give them a chance.  normally there is much more diversity to the cast - age & ethnicity.  this cast looks like - to quote my friend lindsay, "the cast of jersey shore."  that won't necessarily be a bad thing, altho i was never a JS fan.  time will tell!  one of the new house mates could be another jeff or jordan.  gosh, i still love jeff & jordan!  : )  

today was kinda a weird day, but in a good way.  started out w/ more storming, which means i started my day desperately wanting to just stay in bed while the rain & thunder & lightning pounded outside!  but i got up & w/ enough time to have a cup of coffee & read a bit before i left, even!  i spent the morning mostly with timecard issues & helping ppl through those.  met my friends dawn & anna for a thai lunch, and it was so nice to hang out for a bit!  anna will be moving soon again & so we probably won't be seeing her til maybe the holidays... maybe not then, as i'm sorta hoping to go to DC over christmas break... ; ) anyway, since it was a long lunch & i didn't want to stay late, i decided to take a couple hours vacation & come home early.  i'm blessed to have that kind of vacation & that kind of flexibility!  thank You, Jesus!!  : )  

my amazon books haven't arrived yet, but i think at least part of them should be here tomorrow?  here's hoping!  *laugh*  not that i'll be reading them immediately - i still have 2 books in queue (well, one after mr cavendish)... but i really want to just HOLD IN MY HANDS the books that i ordered.  i've been wanting to read all of them for so long, it's hard to describe!  i wish i was the kind of blogger who could do book reviews, but i'm just not any good at it!  i do a pretty good job of picking books out that i'll enjoy, and so end up enjoying nearly every book i read!  some (like Born of Silence, OMH) elicit such strong reactions that i have to write about them, but only because i feel like i have something different to say.  well, in a review capacity, i mean.  you guys get to read all my gushing regardless!  *laugh*  

anyway!  i'm going to read for a bit & then grab some dinner & head over to mom's to watch BB!  what're you all up to tonight??  


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