Sunday, June 30, 2013

ten things about today

1) i slept til 9 & had very interesting dreams that i can't remember.

2) went to hardee's for breakfast, which is normal for sunday.  i ordered a sunrise croissant w/ ham instead of a sausage cheese biscuit, which is my regular.  it was yummy!  

3) i read 2 books & started a third - Bodyguard & Hard Mated by jennifer ashley, and Ten Things I Love About You by julia quinn.  :)  i love JA's shifters series, and am really enjoying JQ's books as well!  on chapter 10 & don't want to go to bed... but that's normal.  LOL 

4) i bought an e-cig, in an attempt to reduce how much i smoke.  i know a big part of my smoking is routine rather than need, so i'm trying to change my routine.  we'll see if it works!!

5) figured out how to play candy crush on my computer.  i deleted it from my phone because i was stuck at level 65 for like a month & it just wasn't fun to play anymore.  it might be fun on the computer.  we'll see about that, too.

6) the more i read about the things president obama has been getting up to, the more i weep for our country.  i liked him.  i campaigned for him.  and i just really don't like the choices he's been making.  and then there are these stories about ppl fighting over abortion at 20 weeks.  i understand how ppl can think of it as "a fetus" rather than "a baby" during the first trimester.  this is the time when you don't know you're pregnant, you don't know if the pregnancy will take, you maybe are shocked or worried or whatever is going on.  and medical type ppl tell you it's not a baby yet.  science says it's just "tissue."  i can understand how you can be led to believe abortion is just another medical procedure during the first trimester.  but at FIVE MONTHS?  that's over 1/2 the pregnancy.  at that point, ultrasounds are showing you very clearly that there is a child in your body.  abortion at that point is not a "simple" procedure.  i don't understand how ppl can fight to terminate a pregnancy at that stage without calling it what it is.  *sigh*  

7) i didn't mean to go off on that tangent for number 6!  but more & more the hypocrisy gets to me.

8) - 10) well, this started out as a lighthearted post & i was going to share more about going to mom's to hang out & watch BB & how i really like nick & sort of want to like mccrae, and really don't want david to go - i think they should evict jessie.  but after the distraction of 6, which came about because of recent fb posts by friends... *sigh*  i'm just leaving it there.

i hope everyone had a beautiful sunday.  *HUGS*  and ttfn.  

Saturday, June 29, 2013

take care, sara

i gush.  i gush about books, a lot.  it's what i do; it's who i am.  most of the time, i'm sharing about the books & authors i love w/o really expecting anyone to necessarily pick up one of their books based on my effervescent reviews.  i mean, let's face it, i tend to like things.  i know what kinds of stories i like, and i choose to read those stories rather than others because, well, i don't want to waste time on a story i might not like just because it's "popular."  ya know?  i feel bad enough not being super-gaga over the twilight books or the hunger game books (altho i really like the movies).  i felt bad not liking The Host.  i feel almost guilty when i read a book by a favored author & have a "meh" feeling.  (there is just this one amanda ashley book that i really WANTED to like & i just didn't.)

but guys, blog buddies, friends... you really should read Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart.  if you're an e-reader, it's still 99 cents til july 1st, i believe.  *sigh*  it's romance, but not.  i mean, there is a romantic storyline, and of course for me that's what it's about.  i don't want to read a book that doesn't have a HEA.  this story, tho, is about healing and faith and LOVE - loving oneself after a tragedy, learning to be yourself, learning to find yourself after a traumatic event.  it's about sara, and it's about ... just.  just give it a shot.  if you really don't like it, i'll give you your dollar back.  (friends, i'll give you your dollar back if you're my friend.  if you're some random person reading this, thanks for stopping by, but i'm not going to trust that you actually bought the book & didn't like it, so no dollar for you, sorry!  i'm not the donald!!)  ; ) 

(and seriously, how gorgeous is this cover?)


anyway, reading this book was a big portion of my day.  : )  i also managed to pick up some exotic thai & go over to mom's to sit w/ her under the car port while it rained buckets.  why were we in the car port while it was raining?  well, she was attempting to have a garage sale today.  d'oh!  other than the monsoon & complete lack of customers, it was nice to sit w/ her & visit & read & watch the awesome clouds.  also, funny story - i was bringing my pineapple fried rice to eat outside & phil very kindly was holding the door open for me & i missed a step on the porch & lost it!  d'oh!  SO HAPPY i didn't face plant!  i did lose the food, but didn't get hurt (falling down 5 steps & managed to land on my feet, praise the Lord!) AND saved my macchiato, so woot!  : )  

around 4 i went to pick leyton up - jen & anthony & jake were heading to the rock the district concert - three years hollow, theory of a deadman, candlelight red... i am a little jealous, as i would love to see them all in concert!!  but, it was an outdoor, crush-of-people type venue, and i know that would not have worked for me.  anyway, so i brought leyton back to mom's & we hung out & played with his "five finger death punch toy"... LOL  he's so funny!  i told him i have 2 FFDP cd's & he said, "ooh, we should listen to them."  i said, "no, honey, because some of their songs have bad words in them, and even tho i bought the cd's at WM, some of the bad words didn't get edited, like they are on the radio, so you'll have to enjoy them on the radio for a bit."  :)  

then we snuggled for awhile & watched teenage mutant ninja turtles.  : )  love snuggles with my leyton!!  

so, today was a blessed and good day, and i'm thankful!  i hope your saturday was brilliant as well!!  : ) 


Friday, June 28, 2013


i loathe confrontation.  i will do everything in my power to avoid a confrontation on a personal level.  i also do my best to avoid it at work, of course!  i want things to be copacetic, ppl to get along, etc., etc.  

today i had to have a confrontation with the property manager in my neighborhood.  you see, wednesday when i got home, there was a notice that my trim & weed-like plants around my a/c needed mowing.  the notice stated this should be accomplished by the 28th, or the park would do it & charge $50.  now, when things are due by a certain date, you have - generally - until close of business on that day to pay them/accomplish them.  so, phil came over to my house around 2:30 to take care of the yard - only to find IT HAD ALREADY BEEN DONE!  


so, i called the office.  no answer.  i tried calling the office for an hour with no answer.  i finally left a message for them to call me back, which they did about 20 minutes later.  the office manager tried to tell me that "by" and "before" mean the same thing.  ummm.  no.  so i argued w/ her for a bit about that, finally saying, "that's fine, i'll just talk to your boss if i have to, because that is not right, and i'm not paying $50."  she said that she would do this one as a "courtesy" and change any other letters to me to state "before."  there was more to the conversation, and her attitude was atrocious, but i've just now stopped shaking from that & the 2nd conversation i had to have w/ her, when i got home to find that they hadn't even cleaned UP!  my sidewalk has piles of grass all over, and there were branches that they'd apparently cut sitting in the middle of my decks.  (not on the decks; on the cement btwn the decks.)  she seemed surprised that i was upset that they'd left them, since i wasn't being charged.  WTH?  really?  so, you think it's okay to not clean up after yourselves?  

ugh.  i've found the corporate website & will be composing a complaint letter to them.  idk if i can attach the pictures to it or not (it's not an email address, but a form box kinda thing).  *sigh*  

aside from that, my day was filled w/ more timecard issues - they just keep coming!  *laugh*  but it was quiet for a lot of the day & i was able to work on my error reports, so that was cool.  and it was nice out today, so reading in the car was quite pleasant.  i am REALLY enjoying lynsay's book, but then i enjoy all her books because i adore her writing style!!  :) 

after all that fuss, i decided that i really wanted steak for dinner.  enter applebee's curbside to go.  love it!!  the steak was delish & i'm saving the spinach salad for later.  

oh, there were some other nice things about today - my amazon books arrived!  Take Care, Sara & Dating Husbands by Lindy Zart, Hard Mated & Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley, and Vampires Gone Wild by Kerrelyn Sparks & 3 other writers (it's an anthology of short stories).  woot!!!  ALSO, when i called phil, leyton answered & i got to chat w/ him for a couple minutes.  : )  THAT will always bring a smile to my face & a warmth to my heart!!  yay!  : )  

*sigh*  so, there you have it!  i'll include some pictures just for your enjoyment.  LOL 


Thursday, June 27, 2013


my grass is very green from all the rain.  it's nice.  except that it means it's time to mow it again, and altho i'm fortunate to not have to mow it myself, it can be a bit of a pain trying to get phil to do it.  not his fault - i don't mean to say that.  but when the main office wants things mowed or trimmed, they give me like 2 days' notice to do it, and phil isn't always able to squeeze in at such short notice w/ his schedule.  *sigh*  

today, work was nutty in the morning & then calm in the afternoon.  i'm used to nutty, but it still can be a bit aaack!  *laugh*  like, at one point i was IMing w/ 3 ppl helping w/ timecard issues, and then someone called about timecard things, and then just as we were wrapping up on the phone, one of the IMers called because i hadn't been responding fast enough through IM!!  meanwhile, my email was growing as i was helping w/ these things - w/ timecard issues!  LOL  i got some veggies & dip & pretzels & hummus for lunch, talked to my manager about all the timecard stuff, and then went out to read for 1/2 an hour.  :)  it was HOT and not terribly comfortable in the car today - no real breeze.  boo.  i didn't get to finish the book til i got home, but it was fabulous!!  :)  

also fabulous, listening to FFDP on the way to work, getting pumped up!  and singing loudly w/ the window down... LOL  i love to sing along w/ songs, even when sometimes i'm not so much relating to them.  like, they have many songs that are reallllly awesome musically, and i love the lyrics, but i wouldn't want them to be true for me!  and then there are other songs that i totally relate to because they have been true or are now true for me.  not just FFDP - on the way home i was blasting three days grace, same thing.  anonymous, demon, chalk outline... awesome awesome songs but ... lol  

anyway!  Sex & the Psychic Witch was waiting for me when i got home, but my next book is lynsay's An English Bride In Scotland.  : )  i read the first chapter online & have been chomping at the bit to get to it!  so... here i go!  *laugh*  

also, i'm so happy tomorrow is friday!!!  :)  


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

another summer of big brother!!

the good one, the show, not the ever-present government entity that wants to control you.  *laugh*

i've been watching big brother since season one.  some seasons are fabulous, some so wretched i only watch the first couple weeks & the finale.  but whether i'm watching or not, i always keep up through bbdish.  this has been my favorite site for live feed transcriptions & updates for years.  love it!!  if you're a fan of the show & hadn't discovered the dishers, i encourage you to give them a try this season!  

speaking of this season... the cast isn't wow-ing me, but i'll give them a chance.  normally there is much more diversity to the cast - age & ethnicity.  this cast looks like - to quote my friend lindsay, "the cast of jersey shore."  that won't necessarily be a bad thing, altho i was never a JS fan.  time will tell!  one of the new house mates could be another jeff or jordan.  gosh, i still love jeff & jordan!  : )  

today was kinda a weird day, but in a good way.  started out w/ more storming, which means i started my day desperately wanting to just stay in bed while the rain & thunder & lightning pounded outside!  but i got up & w/ enough time to have a cup of coffee & read a bit before i left, even!  i spent the morning mostly with timecard issues & helping ppl through those.  met my friends dawn & anna for a thai lunch, and it was so nice to hang out for a bit!  anna will be moving soon again & so we probably won't be seeing her til maybe the holidays... maybe not then, as i'm sorta hoping to go to DC over christmas break... ; ) anyway, since it was a long lunch & i didn't want to stay late, i decided to take a couple hours vacation & come home early.  i'm blessed to have that kind of vacation & that kind of flexibility!  thank You, Jesus!!  : )  

my amazon books haven't arrived yet, but i think at least part of them should be here tomorrow?  here's hoping!  *laugh*  not that i'll be reading them immediately - i still have 2 books in queue (well, one after mr cavendish)... but i really want to just HOLD IN MY HANDS the books that i ordered.  i've been wanting to read all of them for so long, it's hard to describe!  i wish i was the kind of blogger who could do book reviews, but i'm just not any good at it!  i do a pretty good job of picking books out that i'll enjoy, and so end up enjoying nearly every book i read!  some (like Born of Silence, OMH) elicit such strong reactions that i have to write about them, but only because i feel like i have something different to say.  well, in a review capacity, i mean.  you guys get to read all my gushing regardless!  *laugh*  

anyway!  i'm going to read for a bit & then grab some dinner & head over to mom's to watch BB!  what're you all up to tonight??  


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


so, we all know i love to book shop.  it's not a secret.  heh.  today i may have bought the most books ever in one day - i think 22.  AND i forgot to one!!  sheesh.  (now i have to decide - do i go back to BAM tomorrow & get the book, or do i wait til i'm done w/ the next couple of books in my queue & then go get it?  LOL)  

this is what happens when i get organized & figure out just which books i need, and when the authors i'm currently obsessing over have like 40 books already out!  okay, not that many individually.  lol  well, come to think of it, hannah howell might have that many.  idk, i made the lists, but i haven't counted them!  i'll probably do that at some point (nerd that i am) but not tonight!  

i started out at book rack #1 & purchased a passel of julia quinn, a couple HH, and found a book for kathryn for her birthday.  : )   then i went to BAM & they were having their "buy 2 get 1 free" event, which is how i filled out my lynsay sands & kerrelyn sparks collections previously.  today they had some lovely julia quinn titles, and one of lynsay's historicals i'd been looking for.  woot!  my main purpose for going there had been to get lynsay's latest hysterical historical & also Enthralled.  however, despite it being release day, they didn't have lynsay's book shelved yet, so i got distracted looking for that & forgot Enthralled!  that's the one i have to go back for...  but they kindly went to the back & pulled An English Bride in Scotland for me, so yay!  :)  after spending $60 there (yep) (should have been $55 - i forgot to use a coupon, darn it!!!), i wasn't going to the other book rack.  except i had a feeling i should... which was good because i found a couple jennifer ashley books!  yay!  oh, and an amanda ashley, as well.  hurrah!  

i also made a bux run for a chai... :D  really, i'm preferring coffee and tea over soda, which is good, but expensive.  enjoying having the money to spend, but soon i will need to rein in the purse strings once again - i have a few doctor appts in july after i get back from vacation, and i'm not sure what the out of pocket will be for those.  so... yeah.  

when i got home, i had to do some shelf rearranging to accommodate all the new books!!  i'm still not satisfied completely with the layouts, but until i want to put more elbow grease in, it'll do.  eventually i want allllll my books by each author together, somehow separated by the ones i've read & the new ones.  i have bins that will need to be cleared out & need to figure out what books to take to the book rack.  i don't think i have plans this saturday, so potentially i can get some of the work done then... but let's be honest... i'll probably be reading!  ; ) 

i've been playing on FB & watching FFDP videos & now here it is 9pm & i haven't read at all!  i'm going to shut down the puter & have a couple hours of Jack & Grace & then off to bed.  

ttfn!!  : )    

Monday, June 24, 2013

holy buckets!!

oh my goodness!  so, i left work & was planning to go to the bux, but didn't want to go down the one road because i didn't want to be tempted by the book rack - the sky was fixin to rain again.  so i figured i'd go to the bux across the bridge, maybe stop at CFA for dinner since i haven't been there in awhile.  well.  the weather was alright til i hit the bridge, where i was greeted with this:


it was raining so hard i couldn't see at one point, but i was ON THE BRIDGE, so there weren't a lot of options!  really, only one option - keep driving.  

by the time i got to the other side of town, the rain was a mere sprinkle, so i stopped at panera for chai & then subway.  avocado's back, yay!  : )  i was nearly home when my phone let me know there was a tornado WARNING in my area.  not a watch, but a WARNING.  double EEP!  that means one's been sighted somewhere, but where?  oh, wait, probably that cloud up there!  oye.  thankfully, it was only active til 4:30.  

so now i am praying, please Lord keep us safe from any more tornadoes!  no more warnings.  no more sightings.  nada!  thank you!!!

so.  how was your day?  oh, i got to flirt w/ a cute guy at work who was there for a meeting.  that was fun.  ;  ) 


Saturday, June 22, 2013

just pictures


and today:

i love hanging out with this guy!
ttfn!!  :)

it's a hot one

howdy, party peeps!  are you staying cool today?  i just got back from hanging out w/ mom & leyton, and it is H O T out there!  yuck!  also not feeling great today, ya know, so i'm happy to be back in the AC!  hopefully it'll get down to a nice 69 degrees in here soon...

i'd debated going out w/ them this morning because i knew it was going to be my bad day when i got up.  i'd hoped it wouldn't start til after the reception tonight, but that was apparently a futile hope!  i was going to call off the movie, but i wasn't feeling too bad & thought i'd be alright.  and i was, but the heat combined w/ everything else, and i was wilting fast when we got out of the movie!  we went to see monsters university & it was very cute & funny & held leyton's interest - he did lay down in the chair a couple times, but there was no "i'm bored and have to visit the loo" stuff, so i call it a win!  : ) 

after the movie, we stopped at starbucks & then mom got her hair cut & ran into WM (she picked up a couple things i needed, as well, so i didn't have to go in.  nice mommy!!).  leyton & i stayed in the car & played w/ his jet & took pictures.  :)  i'll do a separate post for thursday & today's pictures later!  heh.  

now i'm going to play a bit & then get to reading.  i finished If He's Sinful (enjoyed!) just before they picked me up & am now reading If He's Dangerous, which looks to have an interesting premise!  might watch some more castle or endgame or something on hulu, but not til later.


Friday, June 21, 2013

sleep is good

altho i did have some very strange dreams last night!  i don't remember them, just remember waking up thinking they were strange!  heh.  i got a good 8 hours of sleep; that was nice.  i could have slept longer, but wanted to make sure to get chloe in at a good time.

so, i had planned to go to the book store, and hallmark, and possibly kohl's.  but even at 9 AM, it was H O T and H U M I D, so i felt kinda "blah" about it all when i got outside.  instead, i went to target & bought the shinedown album w/ Enemies & the three days grace album with Chalk Outline & the first season of Castle & a hannah howell book.  heh.  and then i stopped at starbucks... ; )  

dropped chloe off & caught a ride home - except before we got here, i realized i hadn't taken my house key off the ring.  d'oh!  so we went back, i got my key, and came home.  the driver was a very nice retired gentleman who talked my ear off & didn't complain about having to go back.  once home, in the blessedly cool air conditioning!, i did some work on my book-book (i need a new name for this... book list?  purse log?  suggestions?!?!  i just call the one in my library my book log, but this isn't the same thing...) & got a few authors added in.  it does take a bit to do it all by hand, but i love the process, really!  : )  

trish & brianna & baby gracelyn picked me up for lunch at 11:30 & we went to las margaritas.  love them!  the beans were a bit off today, unfortunately, but the rest of the fare was delish!  and al met us there to eat, so that's fun.  

now i'm going to read for a bit - If He's Sinful by hannah.  oooh.  it's part of her wherlocke series, but not the first one.  hopefully it won't matter that i don't read them in order... normally i like to collect all the series & read in order, but this story looked good & i don't want to wait to read it til i find the others!  : ) chloe should be done soon, so after i pick her up i might try to do some of my errands.  i should get milk... and oh, i have to stop at the post office!  and it rained, so it was actually pleasant outside when we left the restaurant.  if the humidity hasn't risen again, i might shop.

anyway, i'm sure i'll post again later to let you know.  LOL  or keep track so i remember later.  i have missed having a writing outlet!  LOL


Thursday, June 20, 2013

snuggle time

"can i sit on your lap, aunt carrie?"  

the answer to this question will always be YES.  : ) 

i had just logged off of here, eaten some pineapple rice, and settled in to read when phil called to see if i could come stay w/ leyton for a little bit til mom got home.  i headed over there & beat them by about 15 minutes, so i did take that opportunity to read a bit.  LOL  

they arrived & leyton was playing a demented dentist game on phil's phone.  he came over & sat on my lap & "made" me watch him pull the poor teeth out of a gorilla... LOL  earlier he told me about choosing btwn a gorilla, bob, someone else or "an asian girl."  the "asian girl" turned out to actually be an "indian boy."  interestingly, it should have been "native american boy," from the looks of the picture.  so that was weird, but hilarious!  when he pointed to the picture & said, "asian girl," and i corrected him, he was like, "ohh, that makes more sense."  idk what he meant by that!  *laugh*

he moved on to a car game, where he proceeded to lose each & every game in seconds flat because he crashed into everything.  apparently, this was the reason he downloaded the game to his father's phone.  : )  

we watched some spongebob, played catch, snuggled up on the chair, rolled cars back & forth in the kitchen (he zoomed one of them right under the fridge.  d'oh!  but he got it OUT from under the fridge in one sweep, so that was good!), ate some cinnamon rolls - he had six on his plate & i made him put two back.  goodness, they are tiny & i ate two, but six?!  no, no, and no.  *laugh*  

mom got home around 8 & leyton & i continued to play cars for awhile & then shadow baseball (where he hits the pretend pitches i throw him) for a bit.  but then i was getting sleepy so i knew it was time to go!  not time for bed, but i don't like to drive home when i'm super tired, ya know!  

i'm going to try to finish Courting Midnight before i go to bed.  soooo happy to have tomorrow OFF!!  mental health day, greatly needed!!  : )  i'll work on adding in some pictures tomorrow.  : ) 


nice to meet you!

today was a pretty good day at work.  got a lot accomplished, read at lunch, made some lunch plans for next week, made chloe an appt w/ the car doc for tomorrow... and then went to HQ for a meet & greet.  part of the team (we're like an activities committee) went early to help with anything & get the lay of the land.  we didn't really have to help much - everything was set up nicely - but it was good for me to be in the room before it filled up.  

our director, who was sponsoring this shindig, said she wanted ppl to mingle, mingle, mingle, and wanted the committee members to be an example, so i mingled.  i ate some delicious cheese & fruit & petit fours, well a petit four, and had some iced coffee.  i talked to some ppl i hadn't seen in awhile, and met a couple ppl i'd been emailing with recently but hadn't met in person before.  : )  also got a high compliment from one of the managers in my area that really made me smile!  and blush, but i was in a room full of ppl & had to be social, so i was already rather warm & bright red anyway, so no one could tell if i was blushing!  LOL  the party was to go on til 4, but i had to leave at 3.  i went over to our director to say goodbye & thank her again for sponsoring this, and she grabbed me & another teammate to do the first part of one of the drawings.  LOL  i was like - how did i end up in front of the whole party AGAIN?!?!  yeesh.  but it was fun & i was okay - i do LIKE being social & i LIKE doing fun things for ppl & i especially LIKE being able to share in making ppl happy w/ prizes & stuff!  *laugh*  and thank the Lord my panic attacks stayed mostly at bay.  

and then when i left, i got off on the wrong floor because the head food service guy was there & i got distracted complimenting him & his team on the great job they did w/ the food.  LOL  but i finally made it to the right floor & then out.  : )  

now i'm home & cooling off - it is a HOT one! - & gonna buy some books on amazon & then finish Courting Midnight.  i told debi earlier today that i don't think i'll read any more books by this author, even tho i'm enjoying the story, but then the story part got better at lunch, so now idk.  i might look for more books in this series, but we'll see how the rest of the book goes.  

what else?  i'm hungry, so i think a little leftover pineapple rice is in my future!  : )  

what've you been up to?


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

starbucks addict? moi?

yes, it is true.  my name is carrie & i'm a coffee addict, and right now i have the means to go to starbucks.  a lot.  so i do.  : )  i don't always get the same thing, altho i do have a rotation of sorts.  chai, iced coffee, green tea or coffee frapp, hazelnut macchiato... i always (or, almost always) get them non-fat.  i know some of my options are still higher carb/fat than if i were to drink diet pepsi (or, WATER), but choosing non-fat milk reduces my intake since i'm going to drink something anyway!  i prefer iced drinks over hot - even in winter. part of that is because iced drinks last longer.   : )  

so, today i stopped by after work & the gal was like, "man, you really are here a lot!"  LOL  cuz the last time i was at that store i said something about being addicted to the bux.  heh.  but... i went to panera for breakfast!  ; )  

today started out nice - oatmeal & coffee at panera - then was annoying.  i've mentioned my panic attacks before, and how one of my triggers is the parking situation at work & how i had to visit the company doctor to be exempted from some stuff.  part of my coping mechanism for that is to ignore any and everything to do w/ the whole parking situation.  i have my spot, i park there every day.  i don't pay attention to all the hubub & issues.  well, apparently my medical issue isn't enough to keep some ppl from making a stink about it.  *sigh*  so now i have to adjust some things... and hope that i can get into a new routine & not dread coming to work every day over the stupid PARKING.  a couple of things irritate me about this - first of all, there was apparently a misconception about the trigger for the panic attacks as having to do w/ if the shuttle driver is a man.  WTH?  idk how that misconception even got started, but for some reason it annoyed me.  it was the first i'd heard of it.  i made sure to clear it up - it has nothing to do w/ the shuttle driver or the driver's sex.  oye.  it has to do w/ a lot of things, there are a lot of "triggers" in this situation, and it irritates me that not only am i now being asked (directed) to change my routine in a way that makes me uncomfortable, but that when i expressed my displeasure with the discussion, i was made to feel like i was being silly.

i know, i know, i know she didn't mean to make me feel bad.  she is a genuinely nice person & a really terrific supervisor, and i don't hold any ill-will or anger at her personally.  i DO hold anger at the situation.  and also at the fact that i feel like i'm being punished for having a medical condition.  it doesn't matter that logically i know it's not a punishment, but rather a result of them not understanding the condition & bowing to perceptions of others.  y'all know - everyone knows as i'm pretty vocal! LOL - that i love logic,  but feelings aren't often logical, and when you add in panic issues, logic is so far out the window as to be in the next county!  

*sigh*  anyway.  i decided that - even tho i get several days off in a couple weeks - i need a mental health day, so i'm taking friday off!  so there!  

i also visited my happy place, the book rack, after work.  : )  well, and also starbucks.  and ALSO, hobby lobby!  while i was at the bookstore, i picked up 3 books, but there were others i thought i wanted to get.  but a couple of my authors have several books whose titles are similar enough that  i wasn't sure if i already had them.  so, i decided to make a logbook for my books that will fit in my purse & i can take w/ me everywhere!!  you've seen my log book where i record the books i've read (well, past readers have - if you're a new reader, welcome!  and i have a log book that my dad gave me many, many years ago, and i've kept track of every book i've read since 1992.  it's awesome!) - but i don't really want to cart it around w/ me everywhere i go!  so, at hobby lobby i found a perfectly sized sketchbook that looks like a journal.  : ) i think it will work perfectly!  

(btw, i'm sure there's some techy thing i could do w/ my phone to accomplish the same result, but i am a notebook/journal/pen & paper kinda gal.  i LOVE technology - i love being able to type out alll these thoughts & share them & whatnot.  but sometimes i just want to do things this way.  like reading book books instead of e-books.  :)  heh

i met michelle for dinner at exotic thai at 5 & we had lots of fun catching up!  and the food was yummy, of course!  but i didn't get home til 7ish & now it's twenty til 9 & i still haven't read anything because i was using goodreads (LOVE goodreads!) to make some of my lists & then playing on fb & now blogging... *laugh*  SO!  i'm going to log off & read for a couple hours before bed.  ttfn!!  : )  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


this computer has some buttons on the top row, and i have very little idea of what they do.  i suppose i could play around with them - and i will, maybe, later - but it would have been nice if the instructions included some guide to the buttons.  i mean, i understand esc - escape.  the power button.  volume is pretty simple.  then there are two buttons which i think dim or brighten the screen.  a reload button.  okay, these all seem normal.  then we have two arrows going in opposite directions, a square with white corners, and a square with two squares coming out of it (to toggle btwn windows, maybe?  but i have tabs... not sure!)

so, if anyone has a chromebook or laptop with similar buttons & wants to help me out, let me know!!  :)  please & thank you!

i was in a better mood today.  having half an hour to read before work helped put me in a good mood, i think!  then i stopped at the starbucks for a coffee frapp.  i thought i ordered a venti, but they gave me a grande, and that's what was on the receipt, so i guess not!  lol  

there weren't as many issues today, and only one or two emails that made me want to be snarky (i resisted). had a networking lunch w/ someone i hadn't met before & a manager who has given me fits in the past but seems to be loosening up some & proving to be a pretty decent person.  : )   we went to jimmy john's, where  i'd planned to only eat 1/2 my sandwich because i was meeting jenni for mexican & i didn't want to still be full at dinner time!  *laugh*  however, i was suuuuper hungry & it was a really good roast beef sandwich & we were chatting so much that before i knew it, the sandwich was gonzo!  then i felt a little uncomfortably full for an hour, and then i was better.  the afternoon did drag a little, tho!!  

i met jenni for dinner at one of the Azteca's & she treated (sweet!  thanks again, dear cousin!).  : )  i mostly ate chips & cheese dip & salsa.  mmmmmm they have good chips!  i had some chicken enchiladas, too, which i just realized were supposed to come w/ green salsa, but didn't.  oh well, i think i may have caused that when i asked for cheese instead of red sauce, but i wasn't thinking they'd leave off the GREEN sauce.  LOL  oh well, they were good, and i have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!  if i remember to bring them to work, of course.  heh.  

and aside from the yummy food, it was nice to hang out w/ jenni, who i barely ever get to see since she lives in the BEAUTIFUL state of alaska.  (oh, i miss alaska.  the gorgeous scenery of juneau, the crispness of the air, the fact that it's ALASKA...)  

now, home for - what else? - reading!  *grin*  i finished Wild Conquest & i highly enjoyed it!  i even came to ... not hate ... the name Pleasance.  i guess.  i liked her character at least!  LOL  now i shall read an interestingly different looking vampire book, Courting Midnight, by emma holly.  i just realized from the author reviews that this might be a little *ahem* steamier than i normally like my books, but if falling in love with jennifer ashley's writing has taught me anything, it's that a little steam can be a good thing.  so, i'll reserve judgement til i get into the book.  

aside from the fact that i'm 36 years old and not scared of sex, so there is that.  (however, i hold firm on my belief that there is absolutely NO REASON for 3/4 of the nekkid breast and graphic sex scenes in certain hbo/cinemax/showtime, etc., series which are otherwise really good stories.  but then, i really, reallllly don't want to see other ppl's boobs.  it's a personal preference.  LOL)

ooh, tangents are fun, no?  ; ) 

anyway, that's all i got today!  live long & prosper!!  : ) 


Monday, June 17, 2013

spy vs spy

sometimes i think the life of a spy would be fun, but then i remember i'm too honest & would not make a good spy.  especially if i started to feel sympathetic toward the person/ppl i was spying on.  can you imagine?  i'd end up trusting someone from the russian mafia & be trapped in moscow.

did i mention i am talking about spying in the 80's during the cold war?  LOL  

spying in the 80's was sexy.  scarecrow & mrs king, hart to hart, simon & simon.  well, okay, spying and being a PI.  ooh, remington steele.  there was a fun show!  

what got me to thinking about spying today??  i have no idea.  today was kinda a rough monday.  just issue after issue.  i started out in the morning trying to get some vacations done - it took me all day to finish them because i kept having to stop for timecard & vacation issues.  i didn't even get to memorials.  i put them on the schedule for tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.  it was a nice day, too, however.  i got to email w/ april & angie, saw mr crushtastic & got to chat w/ him for a minute.  a very brief minute, and my mouth was full of very dry cake donut that i was trying to chew, swallow & talk through w/o losing any of it.  mr c is very gracious, and i IM'd him later to thank him for not holding that against me.  LOL  his response?  "i've been there."  heh.  he's gonna make someone a really great husband when he gets older.  :)  

also nice about today - i had a very complimentary meeting and several interesting phone calls to help ppl w/ stuff!  : )  after work, i had a free coffee at starbucks, and then i picked up JJ's for dinner. yummy!!  now in my blessedly cool house, i've read some book excerpts from upcoming stories by alyssa day & kerrelyn sparks.  i think both their new books, and lynsay sands new "hysterical historical" are coming out at the end of the month or so.  woot!  i'll be hitting up the BAM.  altho, i haven't seen alyssa's other new book there, so i may have to order it online or something.  we'll see!!

for now, i think it's time i delve back into Wild Conquest.  i think it's going to take me longer to read it, because i only have about 5 hours tonight (and let's be honest, i tend to take "play around on the internet/phone" breaks) & then have both lunch & dinner plans tomorrow.  so... we'll see!  i like the story so far, except i'm not overly fond of the name Pleasance.  lol

anyway, happy monay, party peeps!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

music inspires

me to read.  not that i need any more inspiration than the book itself, really, but there are just certain songs that - because of a line or a theme - make me think of certain books, characters, series...  : )  i'm sure i've talked about it before, and i know i talk about it on fb all the time!  when i hear nickelback's "saving me" it's all ash & tori, because ash sings it for tori in Acheron.  "i'll come for you" again by nickelback makes me think of seth & lydia, because lydia says to seth, "i'll always come for you."  and that sentiment is just so ... beautiful.  to have someone love you enough to literally travel to hell to save you... : )  

(you know, Jesus has that love for us.  just saying!)

seth had been calling to me for awhile, every time i heard that song lately, so i read The Guardian over today, after finishing Dragon Heat.  and before i go to bed, i'll start Wild Conquest (doesn't THAT sound like a fun title??).  won't get to read much of that before i have to go to bed, but that's okay.  

i did do something other than read today, tho - matthew called to chat tonight, so that was fun!  and i caught up on some blogs & watched some youtube (okay, so i watched the videos for the songs mentioned above).  oh, and figured out how to add pictures in to my blog, so yay!  see, productive!  ; ) 

anyway, that's all for tonight.  i just felt like sharing.  


father's day 2013

father's day is an awesome holiday.  but bittersweet when you miss your dad.  i have several friends who this is their first w/o their dad, and i send *HUGS* out to them!!  this is my 7th w/o mine, but i had 29 father's days before that, so i'm pretty fortunate.  he was a great and FABULOUS daddy, and i'm very grateful that i get to call him mine.  

he was a great example of husband and father - i do think he spoiled me a lot.  btwn him & grandpa  forest, it's no wonder i'm not married.  who could compare?  maybe that's why i don't date... lol  no, there are many reasons, but i don't think i can truly blame it on that.

anyway, tangent - oh,  aren't you used to those??  LOL  

so, my dad gave me a love of the Lord, vacation, road trips, reading, buck rogers, butter pecan ice cream, and randomness.  : )  i love you, daddy, and i miss you but am happy you're with our Father above, playing golf or catch & release fishing, or whatever it is we get to do in Heaven.  *HUGS*

he was also a pretty good example for phil...  : ) 


Saturday, June 15, 2013


taking a break from reading to add books to my wishlist on amazon.  these are books i can't find at the physical bookstore, & even tried to order a couple from the book rack, but they weren't listed on their site.  it's super fun, tho!!  :)  gonna order some of the Shifters that i thought were only available in e-book, but amazon has them in print.  yay!  and a couple lindy zart books.  i'm not sure how i heard about her, but i friended her on fb & she is super nice & lovely!  and from all the excerpts i've read of her latest release, take care, sara, i just have to read it!!  even tho i don't normally read emotional roller coaster books unless i already know the characters, i feel like i do know these characters... should be interesting!

and now being part of a really funny conversation btwn trish & her daughter in law...  LOL  i am blessed with just the best friends & family, i tell ya!!  : )  

so, it's 11:30.  last night i couldn't stay awake past like 10 & tonight i don't wanna go to bed.  what the dealio??  meh, who knows?  but it's time for me to get back to my book for a bit & maybe go to bed at midnight.  ; ) 


super saturday

i woke up at 5:30 this morning.  this is not terribly surprising since i went to bed at my "normal" time last night, even on the early side of normal.  however, i did not want to be up at 5:30 on a saturday, so i went back to sleep.  lol  got up about 3 hours later.  

finished smythe-smith #2, a night like this.  it was super cute & highly enjoyable!  so glad i've "discovered" julia quinn!  thanks to whichever fb authors have been featuring her lately!!  : )  next book is dragon heat, by allyson james who is also jennifer ashley, who is the author of some of my FAVORITE books - the shifters series & the mackenzie series.  love love her stories!  

i decided not to go to leyton's field day because it'd rained earlier & i didn't want to mess w/ mud & wet grass.  i'm just not that girl!  leyton won first place in something, tho, so that was nice!!  congrats to him!  : )

mom & leyton picked me up around 1:30 & we went to applebee's for lunch.  yummy goodness!  as soon as i figure out how to transfer pictures from my phone to this here computer, i will add them in - altho i posted some of them on fb, so!  : )  leyton & i like to roll cars back & forth while we wait for our food.  it's fun to watch them crash into each other!!  

after lunch, we headed out to a couple dollar stores so leyton could get some new cars & mom could find a coloring book w/ animals in it.  you would not think this would be a difficult task, but there apparently aren't a lot of coloring books out there w/ just regular animals.  seems odd to me, but what do i know??  

i'd contemplated heading out to the starbucks after i got home, but don't really feel like getting back out.  so, i think i'll just hunker down w/ my sexy dragon book (ya know, there are too few books about dragons, i tell you!  annette blair has a great series, but there are only two out right now & idk if she's planning any more in the series...  i should look that up.)!  

hope your saturday is going well!  


Friday, June 14, 2013


did i mention after the shinedown concert that i'm now a little obsessed with them?  well, their music, not really them, per se.  i mean, i don't even know the members of the band or anything.  lead singer is cute, tho.  looks GREAT in a suit vest.  not enough men dress up anymore, ya know?  and while i like a good t-shirt clad man, there is just something about a man in a dress shirt, especially if he has tattoos peeking out... oh my gosh.  hot!!  : ) 

so, shinedown has a carnival of madness tour going on & they'll be close in august, so i'm hoping to take anthony to see them again.  papa roach is also playing & that's one of his favorites.  : )  ffdp (that would be five finger death punch - i know, scary name, but i love them!) is playing nearby in july, and i was thinking to go to that as well, but the other bands with them don't sound familiar at all, and tickets are a little more expensive, and i just would rather see shinedown again.  altho if ffdp was HERE i wouldn't hesitate to go.  i've two of their cd's & have been listening to them OFTEN in the car.  like, back & forth btwn the two since i got them last month.  love love love!!  

i'm having fun with this laptop.  i've played around w/ pandora, added weatherbug, fb is a joy on a big screen again... watched a shinedown video... BLOGGING!  goodness, typing out my thoughts again feels divine, even tho laptop typing takes some getting used to.  i keep bumping the touchpad at weird times & i just hope i don't accidentally delete something whilst typing!  heh.

how'd everyone's week go?  mine was good, very blessed, but also work was a bear!  not the cute were-bear kind, either.  *laugh*  just every time i thought i would be able to do this or that, i would be inundated w/ a problem opportunities to help ppl w/ timecards or something.  i seriously praise the Lord every day for loving my job even when i'm frustrated.  there are days when, if i didn't love what i do, it could be debilitating.  today wasn't like that, but it was just BUSY.  every time i tried to get something started, the phone would ring, or an IM would pop up or an email w/ someone needing something.  and i wasn't doing a very good job of remembering where i left off before the interruptions, because they were coming one right after the other!  lol  i'm sincerely hoping that i rejected all the timecards i was supposed to... heh.  

after work i went to the other book rack (bought 7 books yesterday at the iowa store) to kill time (and look for a book for trish that i didn't see at that store) before our team dinner.  i ended up w/ 6 more books.  *grin*  i really, realllly need to take the time to organize my library since i'm buying up all these books!!  4th of july weekend would really be the opportune time for it if i weren't going to omaha.  *laugh*  but i am totally jonesing for a roadtrip & it's been AGES since i've been to omaha.  i haven't even met my newest nephew yet for pete's sakes!  so, maybe i'll try to work on it a bit this sunday... maybe...  : )  

anyway, i picked up a couple more julia quinn, an eloisa james - i haven't read any of hers yet, and after my successful liking of julia quinn, i'm giving her a try.  they do a lot of anthologies together. a couple hannah howell's & a vampire book by someone i've not heard of.  right now i'm reading the sequel to just like heaven, a night like this.  i didn't realize it was book 2 when i picked it up, but since i just read & enjoyed book 1, it worked out well!!  : )  love when things like that happen!!  

the gals in the store were talking about cute new guy that works there.  awww.  i won't go into details or anything, but i was having a fun time listening to the stories!!  : )  

from my little slice of heaven, i went next door to another slice, the starbucks.  i hadn't intended to stop, since i was on my way to dinner, but i was thirsty & it was there & i was only one or two drinks away from a free one... heh.  then it was off to the mexican restaurant to meet the team.  or most of the team anyway.  we have one gal who doesn't come to our get togethers for one reason or another.  we like her, tho, so it's okay.  it's not cuz shes being snobby or anything like that.  she misses out, tho, because we have a nice time together.  it's refreshing to get along so well!!  : )  i had some yummy enchiladas & chips & salsa.  mmm!  we talked about the upcoming wedding of one of the gals, and a marathon another is doing this weekend in chicago, and a trip to alaska of a third's husband.  and of course i may have mentioned my latest bookish pursuits.  they all know the book store is my happy place.  heh,  like i'd ever keep THAT a secret for long even if i attempted to try!  ; )  

cousin manda was having a birthday party at the casino tonight, too, which i'm sure will be loads of fun!  if the timing would have worked out, i would have stopped by after dinner, but it didn't & by the time i left i just wanted to get in my pre-jammies & blog & get to my book!!  i really do have a ppl-interaction-limit.  some days it is shorter than others!!  

so, i think you're all caught up with today or so.  thanks for stopping by!!  : )  ttfn!  


i used to work 8:30 to 5 because i wanted to sleep in for as long as possible.  now i work 6:30 to 3 & while i don't really ENJOY getting up this early, i find i don't really ENJOY getting up no matter what time i have to be up.  sometimes i don't even enjoy getting up when it's a holiday or weekend, and i've slept 10 hours & i'm looking forward to my book or some such other pursuit!  i just don't enjoy having to be up.  but as long as there is coffee...  : )  

it's such a blessing to me that i can get up & be up early enough to stop for some starbucks or panera on the way to work.  or hardee's or mcdonald's if i'm craving a biscuit or burrito.  lol  but it's just nice to not feel like i'm rushing around in the morning.  and it's really strange to me that i do less rushing around in the morning when i have to be up & about early.  i was always oversleeping when i worked at 8 or 8:30.  but for some reason, and praise the Lord, that happens less often now that i'm up earlier.

really.  strange.  

also a little strange and yet wonderful is having time - and now the means! - to write this before i head out the door for starbucks & work.  : )  also, i may be a little obsessed.  about all sorts of things - books, crushes, coffee... LOL  but the starbucks rewards program is just so... lovely!  and putting money on my card is just so convenient & then it's so easy to spend cuz it's already "accounted for."  ya ken?

anyway, off to work!  TGIF for sure!  we have a team dinner after work, which i'm looking forward to but at the same time is going to cut into my reading.  lol  ; ) 

ttfn!  hope your day is BLESSED!!!!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

new home

hello, blog buddies!  i hope everyone who may have missed me during my unintentional blog sabbatical will join me at my new spot for random musings & photos!  :)  

i bought a new toy today.  i'd been contemplating it for awhile, & today was finally the day.  i bought a chromebook.  his name hasn't come to me yet, but it might be duncan.  something scottish for sure... i have been reading a lot of historical romances lately whose main characters are scottish highlanders.  mmmm,  anyway, before i get to drooling...  ; ) 

so, since my gmail account is already all set up on the cloud & whatnot, i thought i'd just connect everything to one account.  but i can't figure out how to move my other blogs, so i'm just starting a new one.  i'll go do a post at the other blog explaining w/ the new address, too,  

how's everyone been?  

more later - for now, mom called & wants me to go over there & help her go thru movies or something.  she is having a garage sale in a couple weeks & getting rid of stuff...

til later - ttfn!  : )